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Sri Raja Lakshmi Foundation

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Instituted  1979
Last awarded  2009
Cash award  Indian Rupees One Lakh
First awarded  1979
Total awarded  31
Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation
Category  Fine Arts, Music, Science, Journalism Medicine, Social Service

Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation is a Charitable Trust that promotes Arts, Sciences, Literature, Medicine, Journalism, Humanities and other intellectual pursuits and to honour distinguished persons in these fields. Established in 1979 in Chennai by Late P.V. Ramaniah Raja, a businessman, the Foundation instituted the Raja-Lakshmi Award.


Erstwhile the Raja-Lakshmi Award carried a prize amount of Rs.1,00,000/-, a Citation and a Plaque. The Awardees also received the Dr. K.V. Rao & Dr. Jyoti Rao Award of US $2000, in association with the Telugu Fine Arts Society (TFAS), New Jersey, USA.

The Foundation also instituted awards such as the Raja-Lakshmi Literary Award (1987-1999) and "Recognise the Teacher" Award. Special awards (Raja-Lakshmi Visishta Puraskar) have also been announced on a one-off basis. Lakshmi-Raja Vaidika Puraskar was instituted in the year 1994 coinciding with the 60th birthday of Smt. Mahalakshmi Raja, founder trustee of the Foundation. The Award honours Vedic scholars, and consists of a Citation, a plaque and a cash prize of Rs.25,000/-.

These Awards were being announced on August 15 (birthday of Late Smt. Mahalakshmi Raja) every year and presented at a function on November 19 (birthday of Sri Ramaniah Raja) in the same year.

From the year 2010 the Foundation has decided to award only the Lakshmi-Raja Vaidika Puraskar besides awarding educational scholarships.

The Foundation has also instituted the Ratna Rao Memorial Prize which is awarded annually to the best student in M.Sc. Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Recipients of Raja-Lakshmi Recognise the Teacher Award

1997 - Dr.Jaya Venugoapaa Rao

1998 - Mr K S Anand

1999 - Gulla Usha Bala

Recipients of Raja-Lakshmi Visishta Puraskar

1983 - Palagummi Padmaraju

1992 - M.S.Bharat

1998 - Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao

2002 - Gollapudi Maruthi Rao

2004 - Bapu & Ramana

2008 - Garimella Balakrishna Prasad

Recipients of Ratna Rao Memorial Prize

2001 - D. Vasumathi

2002 - Iyer Karthik Srinivasan

2003 -

2004 - Samanwita Pal

2005 - S. Ashok

2006 - Sayani Chattopadhyay

2007 - Rakesh Paul

2008 - Krishnendu Saha

2009 - Sovan Biswas

2010 - Sourav Maiti

2011 - Prem Kumar Chanani

2012 -

2013 -

2014 -

2015 - Manisha Samanta

Memorial Lectures delivered

2002 - A. Prasanna Kumar

2003 - Ajeya Kallam

2004 - Dr. B.P. Rajan

2005 - T.V. Sairam & B.M. Rao

2006 - K. Sivaprasad Gupta

2007 - K. Chaya Devi, Dr. K. Venkateswarulu & T.A. Venkateswaran

2008 - Dr. Perala Balamurali

2009 - Dr. Kanthamani Sundharkrishnan


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