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Revenue  CZK 5.6 bn (2012)
Total assets  CZK 2.1 bn (2012)
Number of employees  722 (2012)
Net income  CZK (0.2) bn (2012)
Total equity  CZK (0.1) bn (2012)
Start date  2002
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Headquarters  Neratovice, Czech Republic

Spolana neratovice povodn historie chemie do v lky ve vietnamu siln niky chl ru elektrol za

Spolana is a Czech chemical plant in Neratovice established in 1898.


The chemical factory is situated approximately 25 kilometres north of Prague at the confluence of the Košátecký Brook and the River Elbe. It hit the headlines in 2002 when the river flooded and the Spolana plant found itself under water.

Spolana a s Neratovice


Dioxin hot-spot

Spolana Spolana Neratovice

Between 1965 and 1968 Spolana produced the chlorine herbicide 2,4,5-T. The former communist regime delivered it through various traders to Vietnam, where U.S. Army used it as a component for Agent Orange. During production, a huge amount of dioxins were created and the former factory buildings are one of the most contaminated places on the Earth. In the years 1964 to 1968 about 80 people from Spolana suffered from dioxin contamination. 55 of them were hospitalised. Besides the victims amongst Spolana workers, also American soldiers and Vietnamese were contaminated with dioxins in herbicides used for the Agent Orange production.

Spolana Spolana

In 2004 published State Health Authority study, which analysed the level of toxic substances in human blood near Spolana. According to study is dioxin level in blood in Neratovice, Libiš and Tišice about twice the level of those from the control group in Benešov. Quantity of dioxin chemicals near Spolana is significantly higher than background level in another countries, e.g., United States, Japan or Spain. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency even the background level can cause the risk of cancer 1:1000 up to 1: 10000, i.e., about 100x higher than what is considered as a risk acceptable in the society.


Spolana Spolana Wikipedia

The company sponsored a football club, SK Spolana Neratovice. The club played as high as the Czech second division, but dissolved after losing support of Spolana in 2003.



Spolana Wikipedia

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