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Splashdown (log flume)

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Opening date  1991 (1991)
Manufacturer  Hopkins Rides
Height restriction  36 in (91 cm)
Park  Castles N' Coasters
Type  Log flume
Lift system  2 lift hills
Opened  1991
Similar  Desert Storm, Mill Race, Daredevil Falls, El Aserradero, Pitoune

Splashdown is a log flume located at Castles N' Coasters, a theme park in Phoenix, Arizona. It is noted for its two drops, as well as many other special features. The whole ride is themed after a logging expedition through Polynesia. Splashdown is also known for narrowly being dodged by the nearby Desert Storm roller coaster.


Theme and experience

At the beginning of the ride, the "logs" disembark through a "logging town" with buildings such as banks or other stores. The logs then approach a tunnel. This tunnel has waterfalls and small geysers decorating the outside. The tunnel and ride narrowly turn and climb the first, smaller hill. After sliding down, the logs pass two realistic sculptures of African elephants that squirt water just above riders' heads. While turning again, the logs pass a Polynesian village, small gardens, and fountains. Eventually, the logs go up largest, most notable hill, does a U-turn and takes its plunge, does yet another U-turn, and returns to the boarding dock.


  • Two hills, each with separate lifts
  • Tunnel
  • "Logging Town"
  • "Polynesian Village"
  • Fountains, geysers, and waterfalls
  • Squirting African elephant sculptures
  • Small gardens
  • References

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