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Silhouette of a Sunkken, Syrup Splash, The #SWOUP Serengeti

The Gaslamp Killer, Talib Kweli, blackbear, Nick Hook, Lil Ugly Mane

Spark Master Tape is a rapper of unknown origins. He has released three mixtapes since 2012, which have garnered interest from blogs and music websites such as Mass Appeal Magazine, passionweiss.com and most recently, The Fader. Nearly all of his beats are produced by Paper Platoon, which is also the name of his unique collective that includes visual artists and musicians.


Spark Master Tape’s second mixtape, 2013’s The #SWOUP Serengeti, was described by Mishka NYC as, “enough bump and 808s to satisfy y’all that think Juicy J is god and enough verbal dexterity to have everyone that misses the old days of rappity rapping.” Masking his voice by pitching it down and sampling everything from 2pac to rare soul, Spark Master Tape has been described as “a gimmick, a sonic choice, or something in-between.”

In 2014, Spark Master Tape became unresponsive. His Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram had been abandoned. There was no information about Spark's whereabouts. The rest of the Paper Platoon collective were also gone. Rumors circulated that he may be in prison - this was completely false and nothing but a joke made by frequent collaborator "KAi Sky Walker". No official word was given by anyone in Paper Platoon.

On January 25, 2016, after about two years since his mysterious disappearance, Spark Master Tape tweeted "#SWOUP". This was the first communication from Spark since 2014. A week or so later, a video was posted to the official Spark Master Tape YouTube and Facebook, which showed a small group of people, filmed in black and white, wearing strange masks. At the end of this video, which was titled "SUNKKEN", words appear on the screen that say "Silhouette of a Sunkken City" and "March". This is in reference to his long-awaited third album, Silhouette of a Sunkken City. He then released his first song since his return, "Livin' Lavish", on February 19. The music video for "Livin' Lavish" was released on February 23. In an interview with The Fader explaining his new video and sudden return, Spark Master Tape said, “2016 the year of that sewage and garbage, we out here militant and ignorant. Schemin’ on everybody with a hoverboard and a dream. Shout out to DJ Charlie holdin' shit down like he back to baptizing. We out the ocean, ready. In the name of Spark, the Paper Platoon and the holy #SWOUP; we shall rise.” On March 29, after a short period of silence, fans received a brand new #SWOUP visual "Tenkkeys". In an interview with Complex, the Paper Platoon General had this to say: "It all started with some SWOUP and a hand grenade, five years later we swimmin' out the case like Polly Pocket lookin' for a place to park this 2106 Lada. We on that 3-6-5, cash grab with a chance of voluntary manslaughter. #SWOUP". On the same premiere, it was announced that Spark's highly anticipated third album was now dropping April 15.

Spark Master Tape Spark Master Tape All I Know YouTube

It was announced in October 2016 that Spark Master Tape would be opening for Run The Jewels on their Run The World Tour. Though in January 2017 it was announced that they would have to pull out of the remaining tour dates due to unspecified "legalities" out of their control. Over the years, rumours on blogs have speculated that Spark Master Tape may be a German/Arab rapper based in the UK who went by the rap moniker Last Standing Poet/L.S.P, before disappearing and reappearing as Spark Master Tape. Under his pervious moniker he had a few independent hits that were positively received but it was his hit viral video in 2014, "Gaza Gaza", that gained wide acclaim especailly in the Middle East. ”, Although these are just rumours, many post by different authors have corroborate many of the same details implying some truth in the rumours. Many of his old videos under his pervious moniker have been taken down around the same time Spark Master Tape and the Paper Platoon came on to the scene. Paper Platoon is also rumoured to be made up of his close friends. It is also speculated that Spark Master Tape is of African-American origins, as in Mansionz's "stfu" he uses the n-word, which is widely accepted as being inappropriate and offense for non-blacks to use. This has led people believe that he is darker in complexion, although there have been no confirmations as usual. This is the first time Spark Master Tape has used the n-word in one of his songs, which may have been a hint to who he is.



  • Syrup Splash (2012)
  • The #SWOUP Serengeti (2013)
  • Silhouette of a Sunkken City (2016)

  • Songs

    TenkkeysSilhouette of a Sunkken City · 2015
    Livin LavishSilhouette of a Sunkken City · 2015
    The #SWOUP SerengetiThe #SWOUP Serengeti · 2013


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