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Spaak is a family originating from Bohuslän, Sweden, with notable branches in Belgium, France, and Italy.


Elias Jonæ Spaak (1650-1728), Postmaster and Deputy Customs Chief Inspector of Uddevalla, Bohuslän, assumed the family name in accordance with that of his residence. Among his issue were Peter Spaak (1696-1769) Customs Chief Inspector, and Pietist reformer, and Magnus Spaak (1699-1768), who emigrated to Brussels, Belgium. Among Magnus Spaak's issue was Jacques Joseph Spaak (1742-1825), painter.


  • Peter Spaak (1696-1769) Customs Chief Inspector, and Pietist reformer
  • George Spaak (1877-1966), engineer
  • Ragnar Spaak (1907-1979), physician
  • Belgium

  • Jacques Joseph Spaak (1742-1825), painter
  • Louis Spaak (1804-1893), architect
  • Bob Spaak (1907-2011), sports journalist
  • Paul Spaak (1871-1936), lawyer, and playwright
  • Marie Spaak (born Janson, 1873-1960), politician
  • Paul-Henri Spaak (1899-1972), politician, statesman, and one of the founding fathers of the European Union
  • Fernand Spaak (1923-1981), laywer, and diplomat
  • Isabelle Spaak (born 1960), writer
  • Antoinette Spaak (born 1928), politician
  • Charles Spaak (1903-1975), screenwriter
  • Suzanne Spaak (1905-1944), World War II French resistance operative
  • France

  • Agnès Spaak (born 1944), actress, and photographer
  • Catherine Spaak (born 1945), French-Italian actress, and singer
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