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Southwest District Key Club

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Southwest District Key Club is one of the organized Districts of Key Club International. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Southwest District, it consists of members from across Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. There are 4100 members and 110 clubs.


The District Board

The District Board for Southwest District consists of 21 elected members and several appointed positions. The elected officers are chosen at the annual District Convention and announced at that time.

Lieutenant Governors

Lieutenant Governors are elected representatives of each division in the district. They are responsible for the welfare of the clubs in their division and are their liaison to the District Board. There are currently 18 divisions in Southwest District, each named after a landmark in their area. The Lieutenant Governors have many duties including visiting clubs, producing divisional newsletters, helping plan the District Convention, and keeping their clubs informed on all the actions and projects of the District Board. Lieutenant Governors are voting members of the District Board.

Bulletin Editor

The District Bulletin Editor has many duties, the greatest of which is to produce and distribute the district publication. The Key to the Southwest is sent out four times a year to every club in the district. Contributors include District Board Members, club officers and members, Key Club Administrators, and the Editor. The Bulletin Editor is elected at the District Convention and is a voting member of the District Board as well as a member of the Executive Board and the Executive Committee.

District Secretary-Treasurer

The District Secretary-Treasurer has many responsibilities on the District Board including updating and sending out the District Directory, collecting and distributing District Board Member information, keeping the minutes at all District Board Meetings, and pursuing dues collection. He/she is elected at the District Convention and is a member of the Executive Board and Executive Committee.

District Governor

The District Governor is elected by the assembly at the annual District Convention. Responsibilities to the district include preparing agendas for the District Board Meetings, presiding over these meetings, planning and running District Convention, communicating with the International Liaison, and distributing duties to the District Board. The Governor is also responsible for addressing any disciplinary issues and has a place on the International Council. During District Board Meetings and during the event of a vote resulting in an exact tie, it is the Governor's vote that acts as a tie breaker. The Governor is chairman of the Executive Committee.

Appointed Positions

During each term the Governor may choose to appoint members to certain positions on the District Board. These positions can be vacant Lieutenant Governor positions or other board positions at his/her own discretion. These may include Parliamentarian, Executive Assistant, District Convention Chair, Webmaster, and various Committee chairman. These officers do not have a vote on the District Board, except in the case of a vacant position being filled for Lieutenant Governor or one of the Executive positions. These positions are filled by the Governor and approved by the District Board.

District Administrators

The only position held by adults, the District Administrators work closely with the board to help their year be successful. They have a variety of responsibilities but are essentially the adult link for the District. Unlike other youth organizations, the Administrators do not control nor lead the District Board, do not have a vote on issues, and must be recognized to speak during meetings. They are largely advisors.

District Convention

The Southwest District Convention is held annually to allow communication and fellowship between clubs. At the convention members attend informational forums, Divisional caucusing sessions, and the House of Delegates session. Each school is allowed two delegates that vote on the issues brought up by the District and the elections for Executive Officers. There is also training for the Club Officers, and information sessions for many of the projects that the District supports. There is a dance and numerous contests that clubs can participate in including talent, scrapbook, and speech. The convention marks the end of the term for District Officers. The Convention location runs on a rotation of four years between four cities in the District: Mesa (AZ), El Paso (TX), Tucson (AZ), and Albuquerque (NM).


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