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Southern Organization for Live Action Reenactments

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Genre  Fantasy
Headquarters  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Area served  Southeastern United States

SOLAR (an acronym for Southern Organization for Live Action Reenactments) is a boffer-style fantasy live action role playing game located in the Southeastern United States.



SOLAR's rules and setting are used by separate and distinct games, or "campaigns", all of which Player Characters may visit. Clanthia, SOLAR's primary campaign, takes place in the capital city of Clanthia in the fictional nation off The Sutherlands. Other games that are set in SOLAR's Universe are Cerroneth and Shadowmoor, named after the in-game lands in which they take place. An additional campaign, Everhate, ran from 2000 to 2004.


Events of SOLAR's primary campaign, Clanthia, take place in Georgia at Hard Labor Creek State Park for most of the year, and use Indian Springs State Park in the Winter.


SOLAR was originally a chapter of NERO. SOLAR began in 1991, and became an independent LARP a few years later.


SOLAR is a boffer-style LARP that uses hit points to keep track of an individual's health. Players can be a variety of races such as humans, elves, and other fantasy races. There are four general classes: fighters, rogues, scholars (analogous to wizards), and templars (a mix of fighter and scholar).

MEAD, a LARP located in South Africa, was created using the SOLAR rule system before later switching to the NERO ruleset.


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