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South Shore Charter Public School

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Established  1995
Phone  +1 781-982-4202
Founded  1995
Grades  K-12
Number of students  539 (2011–2012)
Lowest grade  Kindergarten
Average SAT scores  518 verbal 489 math 489 writing 1496 total (2015-2016)
Website  South Shore Charter Public School
Address  100 Longwater Cir, Norwell, MA 02061, USA
District  South Shore Charter School District
School types  State school, Charter school
Similar  South Shore Educatio, South Shore YMCA, South Shore Regional, South Shore Christian, Weymouth High School

South shore charter public school graduation

The South Shore Charter Public School (SSCPS) is a public charter school located in Norwell, Massachusetts. It moved to a larger building in 2004. SSCPS serves students from grades K-12. The K-12 system is divided as follows: Level I (K-2), Level II (3-4), Level III (5-6), Level IV (7-8), and High School (9-12).


The school (founded in 1995) formerly operated under the name of "South Shore Charter School" and was divided into three different grade based locations along the shore of Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts prior to moving in 2004 where upon the move, all 3 entities unified into 1 school.

The ideal model of a charter school was as a legally and financially autonomous public school (without tuition fees, religious affiliation, or selective student admissions) that would operate much like a private business – free from many state laws and district regulations, and accountable more for student outcomes rather than for processes or inputs (such as Carnegie Units and teacher certification requirements).

When it was just starting, the school chose to run longer than other Massachusetts schools so that they had the chance to add unique classes to the year’s curriculum, such as Projects, Shakespeare, class meeting time, and town meeting.

To become a student of the school, one must apply and be selected in a lottery process. Spots that have the most attention are generally in the lower grades whereas high school (especially 11th and 12th grade) generally has the shortest waiting list for new students.

Achievements and Facts

In 2008, 4 students were honored for attending the school for 13 years (kindergarten to 12th grade) making them the first to be inducted in the fraternity of 13, an honorable mention. The students in the Class of 2008 that have achieved this started in the inaugural year of the school as kindergartners. Every class thereafter will honor students who have completed 13 years, continuing this tradition.

Recently in 2010, the school won the title "Americas Greenest School" Sponsored by IC Bus. They won a free rock concert from the band The Maine, and also a Green School Makeover as well as a Hybrid Bus.


South Shore Charter School (SSCS, Hull) (1995–2004)

South Shore Charter Public School (SSCPS, Norwell) (2004–present)

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South Shore Charter Public School Wikipedia

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