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South Delta School District

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Phone  +1 662-873-4302
Number of schools  4
Founded  1994
Address  106 Athletic Dr, Rolling Fork, MS 39159, USA

The South Delta School District is a public school district based in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, USA.


The district serves all of Sharkey County (including the towns of Rolling Fork, Anguilla, and Cary) and most of Issaquena County (including the town of Mayersville).


  • South Delta High School
  • South Delta Middle School
  • South Delta Elementary School
  • South Delta Vocational Complex ("VoTech")
  • Administration

    The High School Principal is Mr Adrian Dorsey. The Middle School Principal is Mr Mark Beechem. The Elementary School Principal is Ms Tonya Brown.


    There were 1,178 students enrolled in the district in the 2007-2008 school year. The racial makeup of the district was 96.01% African American, 3.31% White, and 0.68% Hispanic. 91.97% of the district's students were eligible to receive free lunch.

    The district, which is in one of the poorest regions in the United States, received $1.3 million in federal money in 2008 for programs to improve student achievement.


    At the High School, girls play softball, basketball and track, while boys play football, basketball, baseball and track.


    Corporal punishment is administered unless parents request, by filling out a form, that it not be used on their student. In such a case, the student is suspended instead. An oak or ash wood paddle is used. There is a maximum of five licks per paddling and it must be applied to "the fleshy part of the buttocks". At the elementary school the paddle is 14 inches long, two inches wide and one-quarter inch thick. The secondary school uses a paddle 15 inches long, two inches wide and 3/8 inch thick.


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