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South Carolina Highway 18

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Existed:  1938 – present
Constructed  1938
Length  62.8 km
West end:  US 176 / SC 215 in Union
East end:  NC 18 at the North Carolina line
Major cities  Gaffney, Union, Cherokee County, South Carolina
Counties  Union County, South Carolina, Cherokee County, South Carolina

South Carolina Highway 18 (SC 18) is a primary state highway in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It serves to connect the cities of Union, Gaffney and Shelby, North Carolina.


Map of SC-18, South Carolina, USA

Route description

SC 18 is a 39.0-mile (62.8 km) two-lane rural highway. In Gaffney, it goes through the downtown area along Fredrick Street and overlaps with the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail.


SC 18 was established in 1938 as a renumbering of SC 111, from US 29, in Gaffney, to the North Carolina state line. In 1940, SC 18 was extended south along new primary routing to SC 9, in Pacolet. In 1942, it was extended again along new primary routing to SC 56, south of Glenn Springs. In 1960-1961, SC 18 was rerouted at Gaffney to US 176/SC 9, in Jonesville, replacing part of SC 11; its old alignment became part of SC 150. In 1989, SC 18 was extended to its current western terminus at US  176/SC 215, replacing part of US 176 and all of US 176 Bus.

The first SC 18 was an original state route, established in 1922 between SC 17, in Westminster, and SC 20, in Abbeville. In 1938, most of SC 18 was renumbered as part of SC 24.

Union truck route

South Carolina Highway 18 Truck (SC 18 Truck) is a 3.4 miles (5.5 km) follows along Duncan Bypass, in concurrency with US 176/SC 215, then reconnects with SC 18 at Connector Road.

Union connector route 1

South Carolina Highway 18 Connector (SC 18 Conn) is a brief 0.1-mile (0.16 km) stub of Pickney Street, between SC 18 and SC 215. It serves as a turn-off onto SC 18, from SC 215, without taking the right turn at the intersection immediately afterwards; as a hidden designation, signage only identifies it as SC 18 north (no south).

Union connector route 2

South Carolina Highway 18 Connector (SC 18 Conn) is a 0.4-mile (0.64 km) hidden designation between SC 18 and US 176/SC 215, via Harwood Heights. It serves as a direct route to Buffalo from downtown Union.

Gaffney connector route

South Carolina Highway 18 Connector (SC 18 Conn) is the hidden designation of Logan Street, between SC 18 and SC 11. However, this route is signed as mainline SC 18 throughout, despite county and state maps indicating its official routing is along Limestone Street.


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