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South Australian Netball Association Inc

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Sport  Netball
Founded  1928 (1928)
President  Graeme Gilbert
Abbreviation  Netball SA
Location  Australia
Chief Exec  Ben Scales

Netball SA is the governing body for the sport of netball in South Australia and a member organisation of Netball Australia.



Netball SA was originally known as South Australia’s Women’s Basketball Association (SAWBA) and was formed in 1928.

Records from newspaper clippings show that the first State A1 Premiers were the YWCA. The year was 1922, four years before the first recorded interstate match and six years prior to the first official All Australia Carnival. The first recorded Interstate Carnival was held in Sydney and NSW was the winner.

It was after this carnival that a move to form the All Australia Women’s Basketball Association was made. The inaugural meeting took place in 1927 where a Chairman, Honorary Secretary and two delegates from each of the five State organisations formed a Council.

A uniform set of rules was established and the first official All Australia Carnival was organized in 1928. The All Australia Women’s Basketball Association came into being with foundation members of State Associations from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Western Australia competed at the 1929 Carnival but did not reaffiliate or compete again until 1939, and Tasmania affiliated and competed from 1933 onwards.

Current organisation

Netball SA today is an affiliated member of Netball Australia and comprises over 30,000 players who are directly linked to clubs and associations affiliated with Netball SA.

Netball SA provides South Australians with the opportunity to participate in the game of netball from junior levels to elite competition through its Member Associations. Netball SA is committed to ensuring netball in South Australia achieves consistent success, a strong and positive public profile and continuing player and spectator support at all levels.

Netball SA is governed by Board of Management, the current board is made up of Netball SA CEO Stephanie Greene, President Graeme Gilbert, Alex Howieson,former Australian Netball player Jennifer Borlase, Mayor of Playford Council Glenn Docherty, Lynda Matthews, Marlene Elliott, Susan Comerford and Tanya Denning who meet monthly respectively.

The Netball SA Board is chosen by "The Council" which is made up of representatives from 35 Member Associations across the state and two foundation divisions (Adelaide Metropolitan and City Night). The Netball Council meets quarterly.

Press clippings

– From Edwards Park to ETSA Park

March 1939 100 delegates of SAWBA unanimously agreed to the executive’s proposal to establish a sports park in the west parklands. The area which has been made available to the Association by the City Council, will home 12 basketball courts with a central dressing shed.

April 1939 Cost of constructing the new park was one hundred pounds and the courts had to be weeded and lined before each game.

May 1947 The dirt courts on the sports park at Keswick became quagmires in the first round of games and many of the teams which followed on after the 2:00 pm series were forced to postpone their matches.

April 1955 A warm day and heavy courts (the new surfacing had not hardened) made the going rather difficult but teams managed to put speed into their games and matches were of a high standard.

April 1957 17 courts being used. Six bitumised since last season at a cost of 1060 pounds.

1973 A loan was sought from the Adelaide City Council for $14,000 to resurface courts (which was later paid back to the Council).

1986 Netball SA paid $37,000 to resurface six courts.

1990 Netball SA paid $83,245 to resurface 10 courts – involved a $50,000 loan from Adelaide City Council at current market rates.

Netball SA paid the Adelaide City Council a Parks Permit each year. In September 1995 Netball SA paid $1660.

March 1998 Netball SA entered into an agreement with the Government of South Australia to fund a world class netball facility in Adelaide and hence, ETSA Park was born.

2001 The Netball SA Board was formed to set and manage the strategic affairs of Netball SA.

January 2005 The 26 outdoor netball courts at ETSA Park were resurfaced.

August 2005 The South Australian government announced it will fund the construction of shelter areas for ETSA Park’s 26 outdoor netball courts at a cost of $250,000. This will provide spectators and players with adequate protection from the weather.


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