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Also known as  Inasense
Labels  Desert Rock
Members  C Lanzbom, Noah Solomon
Years active  1991 (1991)–present
Associated acts  Moshav, Perry Farrell
Record label  Desert Rock
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Past members  Mark Ambrosino Jay Weissman Gilad Dobrecky Jeff Langsten Jerome Goldschmidt T Lavitz Fred Walcott Yoshie Fruchter Andrew Frawley
Origin  Pomona, New York, United States (1991)
Albums  Holy Ground, Scream of the Crop, The Bridge
Genres  Jewish rock, Folk rock, Jam band, World music
Similar  Moshav, Chaim‑Dovid Saracik, Shlomo Katz, Blue Fringe, Yehuda Glantz

Soulfarm live in berlin

Soulfarm (formerly known as Inasense) is an American Jewish rock band based in New York City. They were founded in 1991 by C Lanzbom and Noah Solomon. Their music is a mix of mainstream rock, Jewish/Middle Eastern, bluegrass, and Celtic influences (among others). Soulfarm is a fixture on the New York City club circuit. The band has also traveled extensively throughout the world.


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Band members

  • C Lanzbom – lead guitar, vocals
  • Noah Solomon – lead vocals, guitar, mandolin
  • Mitch Friedman – bass, vocals
  • Ben Antelis – drums, vocals
  • Former
  • Mark Ambrosino – drums
  • Jay Weissman – bass
  • Gilad Dobrecky – percussion
  • T Lavitz – Hammond organ
  • Fred Walcott – percussion
  • Jerome Goldschmidt – percussion
  • Jeff Langsten – bass
  • Yoshie Fruchter – bass
  • Andrew Frawley – drums, percussion
  • Discography

  • Inasense (1996) (as Inasense)
  • The Ride (1997) (as Inasense)
  • Get Your Shinebox (2000) (as Inasense)
  • Scream of the Crop (2001)
  • Unwind (2003)
  • Monkey Dance (2008)
  • Holy Ground (2010)
  • Blue and White (2012)
  • The Bridge (2014)
  • Lost and Found (2015)
  • Songs

    Kumi RoniHoly Ground · 2010
    Let The Wheels RollThe Ride · 1999
    HarachamanUnwind · 2003


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