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Sonwad is a village of Panchayat system in Dharangaon tehsil Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra, India.


Map of Sonvad, Maharashtra 425104

Geography and climate

Sonwad is on average 455 feet above sea level. As the Satpura Mountain Range just 30 km north of Chopda, the bedrock is on an average 10 meters below the ground level. The soil above the bedrock is good for farming except in some areas. Average rainfall is 552 mm[8]. The climate is hot for most of the year. Maximum temperature reaches up to 48 °C in summer and minimum temperature fall up to 9 °C in the winter. The climate of Sonwad is on the whole dry except during the south-west monsoon season and winter months December to February. The year may be divided into four seasons. The cold season from December to February. Hot and dry season from March to June. The south-west monsoon season starts from the last week of June and last up to the end of September. The post-monsoon season October and November remains hot and dry.


Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Cotton, jowar, wheat, green vegetables etc. are the main crops harvested all year round. Villagers goes to Dharangaon, Maharashtra for shopping or health treatment.

Famous Personalities of Sonwad

1. Pandurang Natthu Patil - Famous for high agricultural and Political and Educational Background
2. Eknath Pandurang Patil - Famous for high agricultural personality of the village
3. Yograj Pandurang Patil - Famous for educational background 4. Pardeshi Brothers - Famous for spreading educational awareness in Sonwad and surrounding villages. 5. Nanaji Bhaskar patil-(Pawar) Navapura sonwad bk currant live in jalgaon Famous for educational background

Famous For Sonwad

Sonwad is the main market area of Dharangaon Tehsil,because around 15 to 20 villages attached to Sonwad for daily needs. In Sonwad all the facilities available like Hospital,Market,Hotels,Schools,College,Banks etc.also sonwad is famous for ram nawami utsava after seven days from dashra.


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