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Song of Norway (film)

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Director  Andrew L. Stone
Initial DVD release  November 19, 1985 (USA)
Country  United States
3.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Biography, Drama, Musical
Language  English
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Release date  November 4, 1970 (1970-11-04)
Writer  Homer Curran (play), Milton Lazarus (musical play), Andrew L. Stone (screenplay), Andrew L. Stone (story)
Music director  Edvard Grieg, Robert Wright, George Forrest
Cast  Toralv Maurstad (Edvard Grieg), Florence Henderson (Nina Hagerup), Christina Schollin (Therese Berg), Frank Porretta (Richard Nordraak), Harry Secombe (Bioernstjerne Bjoernson), Robert Morley (Berg)
Similar movies  Dallas Buyers Club, The 33, Goodfellas, Youth, The Wolf of Wall Street, Foxcatcher
Tagline  A song for the heart to sing...for the world to love!

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Song of Norway is a 1970 film adaptation of the successful operetta of the same name, directed by Andrew L. Stone.


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Like the play from which it derived, the film tells of the early struggles of composer Edvard Grieg and his attempts to develop an authentic Norwegian national music. It stars Toralv Maurstad as Grieg and features an international cast including Florence Henderson, Christina Schollin, Robert Morley, Harry Secombe, Oskar Homolka, Edward G. Robinson, Hermione Farthingale and Frank Porretta (as Rikard Nordraak). Filmed in Super Panavision 70 by Davis Boulton and presented in single-camera Cinerama in some countries, it was an attempt to capitalize on the success of The Sound of Music.

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Song of norway strange music by edvard grieg sung by toralv maurstad with christina schollin


Song of Norway (film) Song of Norway film Wikipedia

  • Toralv Maurstad as Edvard Grieg
  • Florence Henderson as Nina Grieg
  • Christina Schollin as Therese Berg
  • Frank Porretta as Rikard Nordraak
  • Oskar Homolka as Engstrand
  • Robert Morley as Berg
  • Edward G. Robinson as Krogstad
  • Harry Secombe as Bioernstjerne Bjoernson
  • Production

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    Earl St John announced he would make the film in 1950.


    Song of Norway (film) TRIBUTE to SONG OF NORWAY 1970 Edvard Grieg Super Panavision 70mm

    Song of Norway was one of a series of commercial disasters that followed the success of My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music, two films that led studios to imagine a full-scale musical film revival was in the cards. Similar box-office disasters included Darling Lili, Mame, Paint Your Wagon, and Lost Horizon.

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    However, the film was popular in some territories. In Britain it was the most popular "reserved ticket" film of 1971.

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    It earned rentals of $4.4 million in North America and $3.5 million in other countries, recording an overall loss of $1,075,000.

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    Critics were virtually unanimously negative on its release, noting especially the aping of The Sound of Music and its generally poor production quality despite obvious expense. Pauline Kael said: "The movie is of an unbelievable badness; it brings back clichés you didn’t know you knew - they’re practically from the unconscious of moviegoers. To criticize this movie is like tripping a dwarf." Critics' views were echoed by cast members. Harry Secombe was to note later that it was the kind of film "you could take the kids to see... and leave them there."

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    Song of Norway (film) Wikipedia
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