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Son Pari

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Original language(s)
Final episode date
1 October 2004

Program creator
Taurus Video


Created by
Tenn-Speed TV India

Country of origin

First episode date
23 November 2000

Star Plus

Number of seasons

Mrinal Kulkarni as Son Pari with a sad face, wearing a crown, earrings, a necklace, a yellow sleeveless top, and a yellow fairy wing in a scene from Son Pari, a 2000 Indian children's fantasy-adventure television series.

Opening theme
"Son Pari" by Alka Yagnik"Son Pari" re-sung by Shreya Ghoshal

Tanvi Hegde, Mrinal Kulkarni, Vivek Mushran

Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Karishma Kaa Karishma, Hatim, Shararat, Baal Veer

Sonpari title star plus

Son Pari was a children's fantasy-adventure TV series produced by Darien Amos under the banner Tenn-Speed, now as Tenn-Speed TV India, originally broadcast on India's Star Plus channel. The show currently airs on TV Asia USA. It is based on the story of a little girl name Fruity, who receives a magical gem that, when rubbed, summons a fairy named Son Pari and her friend Altu.


Mrinal Kulkarni as Son Pari smiling, wearing a crown, earrings, a necklace, a yellow sleeveless top, and a yellow fairy wing in a scene from Son Pari, a 2000 Indian children's fantasy-adventure television series.


Young Tanvi Hegde as Frooty in Son Pari, with a big smile on her face, with a ponytail hair, and wearing a blue sleeveless top with white strap.

Son Pari was originally broadcast on Star Plus channel between 23 November 2000 and 1 October 2004. Due to its popularity, the show was re-telecast on TV Asia, Star Utsav and Disney Channel India.


Tanvi Hegde as Frooty in Son Pari, with a big smile on her face while touching her shoulder, with black hair, and wearing a pink off-shoulder blouse.

Bunty, a scientist's apprentice catches a dove to give to his boss to use in an experiment. Bunty and the scientist want to capture Son Pari and use her to become rich by showing her off to the world. Fruity set the dove free, not knowing that the bird is actually Son Pari (Golden Fairy), who often comes to Earth with the permission of the fairy queen called Pari Ma (Fairy Mother).

Ashok Lokhande, Tanvi Hegde, and Mrinal Kulkarni are smiling. Ashok is wearing a yellow turban and a yellow Indian robe, Tanvi wearing a blue dress, and Mrinal wearing a crown, a yellow sleeveless top, and a yellow fairy wing in a scene from Son Pari, a 2000 Indian children's fantasy-adventure television series.

Fruity's mother died long ago. Fruity goes to the terrace to look at the stars, as she believes her mother is in one of them. One night Son Pari comes to her and offers her friendship in return for the assistance Fruity once gave her. This starts the story of their strange friendship. Son Pari and Altu start meeting Fruity regularly and have many adventures. They help her get rid of Ruby, a woman who wants to marry Fruity's father, Rohit, for his money. Although Ruby's brother helps Ruby, Son Pari and Altu make sure they don't succeed. Later Son Pari realises that Fruity is in great danger, for it is written on the prophecies that Fruity will kill Kali Pari (Black Fairy), who is the main villain of Season 2. For a short while, Son Pari makes Tooty, a fairy who is Fruity's look-alike, take care of Fruity and protect her from Kali Pari.


Fruity was in her early childhood when her mother died. Before her death, she asked Rohit (Her husband & Fruity’s father) to marry someone after her death to fill the space of a mother for Fruity & his brother Appy. After her death Rohit wants to marry his girlfriend Rubby. In those days a scientist Professor Josalkar and his assistant Bunty were working on a project to catch Angels (Pari/Jin). They catch a dove (that was actually an angel-Sonpari), but Fruity makes the dove fly. After somedays, Fruity observes something magical in her house. A pari (Sonpari) and a Jin (Altu/Altamash) come to meet Fruity. They give her a pearl. Fruity could call them anytime by rubbing the pearl. Sonpari cares for her like a mother. Fruity develops friendship with Sonpari & Altu. They help her discover Rubby's true intentions. They observe that Rubby’s family is very greedy. Her brother Deepak & her mother always keep their eyes on the wealth of others & want to be rich overnight.

Fruity son pari and Altu come to save her but in vain Kali pari also constrained them Kali pari want to burn them but pari maa come and save them.Pari maa hurt during battle with kali pari to save Altu, Son pari and fruity.Hakim Aflatoon advice pari maa to take rest for some months.Pari maa decided to make son pari "Pari Maa". --> Princy Princy is a girl whose mother has died. Princy can see angels(jin/pari).Her step mother was always unjust with her.One Altu was coming to earth to give a flying bicycle to fruity.Meanwhile cycle fall on earth.Princy find it.Altu asks cycle from Princy refused to give it.And meanwhile Kali come and try to kill Altu with magical sword.Princy saw her and ask Altu to save himself from Kali Pari.Altu go back to paristan (where so pari and other angels live.Altu tell this to son pari.Son pari and Aflatoon anxious that how princy can saw Altu and Kali Pari.They she is an evil force.Son pari sent Altu to earth to know about her.And Altu become her friend and help her.Then they come to know from Hakim Aflatoon's magical book that Princy has natural ability to saw them. --> Light of Heaven --> Death of Cruella by Fruity --> Ghosts --> Journeys to different places --> Paristaan --> Unicorn


  • Tanvi Hegde ... Fruity / Tooty
  • Mrinal Dev-Kulkarni ... Sona Aunty / Son Pari Ghost went inside Twins
  • Ashok Lokhande ... Altamash / Altu uncle
  • Vivek Mushran ... Rohit (Fruity and Appy's father)
  • Aditya Surtey ... Appy
  • Jhanak Shukla... Princy
  • Deepshika ... Ruby/evil Dayan for one episode/kaalipari for 96th and 97th episode in which kalipari uses her body
  • Shashikala ... Daadi
  • Anita Kanwal ... Mrs. Dhillon
  • Harsh Khurana ... Deepak
  • Kaivalya Chheda ... Jeff D'Souza
  • Tina Parekh ... Jennifer
  • Pratibha ... Teressa
  • Yashodhan ... Jeff's father
  • Akul Tripathi ... Bunty
  • Upasana Singh ... Kaali Pari/Cruella
  • Yahsraj Khushwaha ... Karan
  • Zoya Afroz ... Dimple
  • Zohaib Ahmed ... Zack/Dimple cousin
  • Aditya Kapadia...Anokha Abijith
  • Jimmy...Kinshuk Vaidya
  • Moola...Nikhil Yadav
  • Awards

    Indian Television Academy Awards in 2003

  • Best Children’s Programme (Winner)
  • Best Visual Effects (Winner)
  • Star Parivaar Awards in 2006

  • Best Magic Character (Winner)
  • References

    Son Pari Wikipedia