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Something Happens

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Genres  Rock music, Pop rock
Something Happens httpsfanningsessionsfileswordpresscom20091
Origin  Dublin, Republic of Ireland (1988)
Albums  Stuck Together with God's Glue, Been There, Seen That, Done That, Bedlam a Go Go!, Planet Fabulous
Members  Tom Dunne, Ray Harman, Eamonn Ryan, Alan Byrne
Record labels  Virgin Records, Charisma Records
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Parachute something happens

Something Happens were an Irish pop-rock band whose heyday was the late 1980s – early 1990s. An earlier incarnation of the band was called 'The Dazzmen' and was fronted by singer Martin Lynch who left the band and became the frontman for another early 1980s Dublin band 'The Cracker Factory'. After Lynch's departure the band recruited vocalist Tom Dunne and became 'Something Happens'. The band’s line-up comprised Tom Dunne (vocals), Ray Harman (guitar), Alan Byrne (Bass) and Eamonn Ryan (Drums). They shot to prominence with the single "Burn Clear" which was featured on the soundtrack of the 1988 Irish movie The Courier.


Something happens brand new god


The Dublin-based band’s first release was the self released "Two Chances" EP. After signing to Virgin Records they released a live EP, I Know Ray Harman, in 1988 which was recorded live at McGonagles.Their live show was energetic while the bands dress varied from Tom Dunne's trademark paisley shirts to Alan Byrne's neckties. Later that year, their debut album Been There, Seen That, Done That was released on Virgin Records. In August 1989 the band supported Simple Minds at their Dublin show and earned many new fans. Relentless touring in Ireland saw them build a strong local fanbase. One of the singles from their first album, "Forget Georgia," was later covered by Canadian singer Emm Gryner on her 2005 album Songs of Love and Death. 'Burn Clear' another track was on the soundtrack of Irish film "The Courier"

Their second album, 1990’s Stuck Together With God’s Glue was recorded in Los Angeles, and contains their best known songs, "Parachute" and "Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol)". The album received critical acclaim with Petrol included in the end of years top fifty singles in rock magazine N.M.E. and the band received a reasonable amount of publicity in the music press and on television (the 'Petrol' in the title, referred to That Petrol Emotion where Ray supposedly 'stole' the guitar riff). Although they were a very popular band in Ireland, international success eluded them and they were dropped by Virgin. This led to t-shirts bearing the legend "Something Happens are no longer Virgins." The year 1992 saw the release of Bedlam-A-Go-Go on Charisma Records. The record label folded, and their final album, 1994’s Planet Fabulous, was released on the Wild Bikini label. The following year, a greatest hits album The beatings will continue until morale improves was released. In 2004, this album was re-released with the less humorous title of The Best Of Something Happens.

Today, the band play occasional gigs but they're no longer recording new material. For these gigs, they usually get T-shirts printed saying "Something Happens - Irish Tour (S.H.I.T)". Lead singer Tom Dunne became a radio presenter. His first break was presenting "Totally Irish" on 98FM. He had a very successful radio show on Today FM (Pet Sounds). He has since moved to Newstalk, initially on a weekday morning slot, but now on weeknights. Guitarist Ray Harman works in television. Eamonn Ryan now works with concert promotions company MCD.

The Something Happens track, Momentary Thing appeared on Veronica Mars: Original Television Soundtrack, released by Nettwerk Records. Veronica Mars is an AFI award-winning cult TV drama series.

In December 2009 Something Happens returned, performing as support to Horslips at The O2 (Dublin)


  • Been There, Seen That, Done That (1988)
  • I Know Ray Harman (1988) - live album recorded at McGonagles in Dublin
  • Stuck Together With God's Glue (1990)
  • Live At The Town & Country
  • Bedlam A Go-Go (1992)
  • Planet Fabulous (1994)
  • The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves (1995)
  • Alan, Elvis & God (1997)
  • Songs

    ParachuteStuck Together with God's Glue · 1990
    Momentary ThingVeronica Mars · 2005
    Forget GeorgiaBeen There - Seen That - Done That · 1988


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