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Somali Peace Award

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Somali Peace Award also known as Somali Peace and Development Award (S.P.A.D.A) is an award ceremony honored to the voluntary organizations and individuals who have worked for peace, reconciliation and development in Somalia and the award is founded by Mohammed Sadaq Ibrahim.


History and overview

Somali Peace Award was founded in Juli 2015 in Oslo, Norway and the first Somali Peace Award event will be taking place on May 21, 2016.

The nomenies

Osman Mohammud Dufle is a Somali physician and politician. He previously served as a Minister of Health in the Transitional National Government of Somalia. Dufle was also one of the founders of the Joint Medical Committee, a professional organization for doctors in the country. Additionally, he served as a volunteer at the Keysaney Hospital in Mogadishu. In June 2014, he was nominated for a Noble Prize in recognition of his humanitarian work.

Dr Abdirahman Ali Habeeb, is a psychiatric doctor. Dr Habeeb opened his first mental-health clinic in Mogadishu in 2005. He now operates a network of eight clinics and rehabilitation centres countrywide, with limited help from the WHO and other international donors. Five of his clinics are in Mogadishu.

Hersare, an NGO founded December 2013, is the brain child of an international group of dedicated Somali social advocates. The deteriorating situation for the mentally ill in Somalia inspired us to establish ourselves as the pioneering NGO that is dedicated to transforming the lives of the weak and neglected.

Hanano Foundation works with orphans in Somalia. Headquartered in Norway and has helped more than 200 orphans. Hanano Foundation are building school that is under construction. Hanano receives no government support and they have managed to collect money from the Somali people.

Mohamed Sheik-Ali Ahmed (Better known as Mohamed Diini) is a motivational speaker and a Life Coach whose lectures heavily focus on spirituality, life empowerment and youth affairs. He lectures internationally. He is also founder & Director for New Horizon, Mogadisho Somalia.

Dr Hawa Abdi is a Somali human rights activist and physician. She is the founder and chairperson of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation. When the civil war broke out in Somalia during the early 1990s, Abdi stayed behind at the behest of her grandmother, who had advised her to use her qualifications to assist the vulnerable. She subsequently established a new clinic and school for the displaced and orphans.

Asha Gelle Dirie is a Somali politician and civil society activist. She served as the Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs of the autonomous Puntland regional state in northeastern Somalia. Dirie is also the founder and Executive Director of The Asha Gelle Foundation. Additionally, she served as the Chairperson of the federal Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission between 2014 and 2015.

Halima Ismail Ibrahim a former lecturer at Somali National University, as a passionate and committed human rights activist and recently elected the Chairperson of the Somali national Electoral Commission. After war broke out in 1990, the situation of human rights in Somalia degenerated even further. Halima and nine other women decided to form an NGO called the IIDA women’s development organization to promote and protect women's rights and to keep their cause alive.


TekWisdom is an IT comapny based in Sweden.

Waaberi Restaurant is a Somali restaurant based in Grønland, Oslo

Othman Restaurant is a Turkish restaurant based in Grønland, Oslo


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