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Soliton Technologies

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Products  Neo smart camera
Headquarters  Bengaluru
Founded  1998
CEO  Ganesh Devaraj (1998–)
Founder  Ganesh Devaraj
Type of business  Privately Held
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Industry  Semiconductor, Machine Vision, Embedded Systems
Website  http://www.solitontech.com/

Soliton is an Indian technology company that offers research, development and consulting services in the areas of Test & Measurement automation, Machine Vision, and Embedded Systems. It is India's first and largest manufacturer of smart cameras and machine vision components. It was founded in 1998 by Dr Ganesh Devaraj and is headquartered in the city of Bengaluru. It has its other office locations in Coimbatore, Wisconsin, Texas and California. Experts in machine vision automation and virtual instrumentation, Soliton is a technology company with operations in India and the US serving global companies such as GE, IBM, Ford, Boeing, TI, and Nortel. It is the market leader in machine vision products and solutions. It is the main sponsor and the core member of TIFAC Center Of Relevance and Excellence (CORE) in Machine Vision, Chennai.



Soliton was founded in 1998 by Dr Ganesh Devaraj. The inspiration to start Soliton apparently came when he read the book ‘Built to Last’, while working as a scientist at VI Engineering, Michigan, after obtaining a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Soliton started as an Alliance Member of National Instruments, USA, and quickly garnered international recognition for its innovative work in Virtual instrumentation, winning 23 prestigious international awards in seven years. In 2004, Soliton started a product division for manufacturing machine vision cameras that could address the need in the manufacturing industry for sophisticated quality control tools. Soliton has since extended its services from offering solutions for stated automation needs, to offering consulting and R&D services for the purpose of addressing the core needs of clients to build machine vision and automation products.

Labview and TestStand

Soliton has over 14 years of experience developing LabVIEW based automation solutions, and has one of the largest team of NI certified LabVIEW Developers and Architects in the world. India's first National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Developer, Asia's first Certified TestStand Developer,and Asia's first Certified TestStand Architect is from Soliton.


Soliton products include PRIM to detect newspaper offset, CASH to detect counterfeit currency, Spot-IT, India's first smart camera, NEO, India's first user configurable smart camera, High speed pencil Inspection system, etc.


Neo is the first user configurable smart camera fully designed in India. It is a compact stand-alone machine vision product with built-in image sensor and processor with integrated LED lights. This camera is completely configurable for a range of machine vision based poka-yoke applications. The heart of this system is the Soliton Vision library which consists of machine vision algorithms optimised for its processor architecture. Neo was showcased in the TI Developer's Conference 2008. At that point of time, Soliton Technologies was the only Indian company to present in TI Developer's Conference.


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