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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Scientific name  Solenostomus
Higher classification  Solenostomidae
Order  Syngnathiformes
Solenostomus Solenostomus paradoxus
Family  Solenostomidae Bonaparte, 1846
Similar  Solenostomus paradoxus, Pipefish, Halimeda ghost pipefish, Banded pipefish, Frogfish

Ornate ghost pipefish solenostomus paradoxus

Solenostomus, also known as ghost pipefishes, false pipefishes or tubemouth fishes, is a genus of fishes in the order Syngnathiformes. Solenostomus is the only genus in the family Solenostomidae, and includes six currently recognized species. Ghostpipefishes are related to pipefishes and seahorses. They are found in tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, from Asia to Africa.


Solenostomus Ghostpipefish Sea Moths Starfish Photos Geisterpfeifenfisch und

The animals, none of which are longer than 15 centimetres (5.9 in), float near motionlessly, with the mouth facing downwards, around a background that makes them nearly impossible to see. They feed on tiny crustaceans, sucked inside through their long snout. They live in open waters except during breeding, when they find a coral reef or muddy bottom, changing color and shape to minimize visibility.

Solenostomus fishesofaustralianetauimagesimageSolenostomPa

In many respects, they are similar to the pipefishes, but can be distinguished by the presence of pelvic fins, a prominent, spiny, dorsal fin, and star-shaped plates on the skin. Unlike true pipefish, female ghostpipefishes use their enlarged pelvic fins to brood their eggs until they hatch.

Solenostomus Solenostomus paradoxus Wikipedia

Poisson fantome arme ghost pipe fish solenostomus armatus sakalav diving nosy be madagascar


Solenostomus Solenostomus paegnius Jordan amp Thompson 1914 Checklist View
  • Solenostomus armatus M. C. W. Weber, 1913 (long-tailed ghost pipefish or armored pipefish)
  • Solenostomus cyanopterus Bleeker, 1854 (robust ghost pipefish)
  • Solenostomus halimeda J. W. Orr, Fritzsche & J. E. Randall, 2002 (Halimeda ghost pipefish)
  • Solenostomus leptosoma S. Tanaka (I), 1908 (delicate ghost pipefish)
  • Solenostomus paegnius Jordan & Thompson, 1914 (roughsnout ghost pipefish)
  • Solenostomus paradoxus (Pallas, 1770) (ornate ghost pipefish or harlequin ghost pipefish)

  • Solenostomus Solenostomus


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