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Solemn on Stage Live

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Associated album  Solemn on Stage
Legs  1
End date  April 22, 2005
Start date  October 16, 2003
No. of shows  3 in Hong Kong
Leg  1

Solemn on Stage Live is Joey Yung's second major concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum and first concert series performing more than one show (she performed for three consecutive nights). The concert was originally called "Blow Up the Hong Kong Coliseum Live", and the concert theme was originally titled "Explosive Queen". Due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks though, the concert was renamed "Solemn on Stage Live" and the concert theme was retitled, "Solemn on Stage".


The Stage

The set included a large in-the-round stage with multiple elevators and a rotating stage. There were also six large projection screens set above the stage showing live as well as pre-recorded footage. Props included a large "ice throne", a big swing, as well as a golf car.

The Show

To open up the show, a clip of Eason in the bathroom was recorded. In the clip, Eason teased the audience, welcoming them to his "The Easy Ride" concert, as well as made fun of Joey's funny mispronunciation of the concert name and themesong title, "隆重登場". He also warned the audience about the fireworks, and told them not to use flash photography. He also told them not to go to the washroom during the concert because it was "rude".

For the opening, Joey was raised from under the stage while singing a verse from "逃避你" amidst a short fireworks display. Shortly after, dancers entered the stage and they performed "隆重登場" and "全身暑假". After, Joey sang "這分鐘更愛你" while bubbles were released on to the stage, followed by a performance of "阿門".

For the second part, Joey performed "你說得對" with dancers dressed up as colourful cartoon bears, taking pictures around the arena. This was followed by a performance of "Goodbye" while Joey shook hands with the audience and handed out presents. Joey then sang 何苦 on a swing that suspended her into the air as artificial smoke flew down from above the stage.

The third part started with a "Fantasy Interlude" which had the dancers dance while dressed up as "vine monsters". Joey was lifted from under the stage singing "走著睡" on an "ice throne". She then performed "穿花蝴碟" dancing with one of her choreographers.

For the fourth act Joey sang 告解, playing the flute for the beginning and ending of the song. Joey then sang a medley of "karaoke songs", asking the audience to sing along (from then on, Joey would always include a singalong segment in her major concerts which reflects the "queen of karaoke" title that she earned early in her career). The medley included a cover of Eason Chan's Shall We Talk", Faye Wong's "給自己的情書", Andy Hui's "男人最痛", and her own song, "逃避你". This medley of karaoke songs was then followed by a medley of fast songs, including "相當刺激", "最新消息", and "不容錯失".

For the fifth act Joey performed a number of ballads including "最好時光", "再見我的初戀", and "痛愛".

After the fifth act was the pre-planned encore segment. For this segment of the concert, Joey drove a gol car on stage followed by a performance of 未知. The car broke down though during the last night though, so Joey had to walk up on stage instead. After the song, Joey sat on a bean bag chair and talked about how she became a singer and the ups and downs she has faced since her debut. In between her speech she also performed "一首獨唱的歌", a song by Shirley Kwan that she performed back when she entered the Big Echo Karaoke Contest in 1995, the contest that helped win her a contract with Go East (though the contract was terminated before she could officially debut). She also performed a rearranged version of "誰來愛我" accompanied by the piano. After, all her dancers joined her for the last song of the concert, "美麗在望".

Set list

  1. 逃避你 (accpella)
  2. 隆重登場
  3. 全身暑假
  4. 這分鐘更愛你
  5. 阿門
  6. 你說得對
  7. Goodbye
  8. 何苦
  9. 走著睡
  10. 穿花蝴碟
  11. 告解
  12. Shall We Talk
  13. 給自己的情書
  14. 男人最痛
  15. 逃避你
  16. 相當刺激
  17. 最新消息
  18. 不容錯失
  19. 最好時光
  20. 再見我的初戀
  21. 痛愛
  22. 未知
  23. 一首獨唱的歌
  24. 誰來愛我
  25. 美麗在望

This is the general rundown Joey sang for most of the shows, though certain shows had slightly different rundowns.


Special Guests
Nicholas Tse
Louis Koo
Dicky Cheung
Roman Tam
Eason Chan*
Nick Cheung*

  • did not perform on stage but supported the concert by giving Joey flowers on stage, pre-recording clips, etc.
  • Voice Loss Incident

    Though the concert was generally well received, one can tell that Joey's voice sounded a bit strained during the concert (she said so herself during the start of the third show). In fact, Joey started losing her voice in October while recording her album "Solemn on Stage", and the situation got worse up until early 2002 when Joey took a hiatus for several months, training abroad in Los Angeles and getting acupuncture treatment in Nanjing. This became known as Joey's "voice loss incident", and till this today, Joey still says that this was the lowest point in her career.


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