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Sohrab Rohani

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Name  Sohrab Rohani
Education  University of Wales

Dr. Sohrab Rohani, is a Professor and former Chairman of Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Western University was named a recipient of the Engineering Medal – Research and Development Category.


Professor Rohani’s main areas of research are Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals (polymorphism) and Process Control.


  • B.Sc. (Shiraz University, Iran) 1973
  • Ph.D. (University of Wales, Britain) 1977
  • Famous quotes

  • "You should've done your review paper before you started your degree"
  • "If you didn't publish that means you were never here"
  • "As a chemical engineer if you don't understand chemistry it makes you a lousy mechanical engineer"
  • Recent Publications

  • Sabouni, R; Kazemian, H. and S. Rohani, Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Breakthrough Curves of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Metal Organic Framework CPM-5, Environmental Science & Technology, accepted June 2013.
  • Ragab, D. and S. Rohani, Cubic magnetically guided nanoaggregates for inhalable anticancer drug delivery: In vitro magnetic aerosol deposition study, AAPS PharmSciTech, (DOI) 10.1208/s12249-013-9980-y, accepted May 2013 (impact factor 1.43).
  • Dehnavi, V.; Luan, B.; Shoesmith, D.; Liu, X.Y. and S. Rohani, Effect of duty cycle and applied current frequency on plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) coating growth behavior, Surface and Coatings Technology, Ms. Ref. No.: SURFCOAT-D-13-00119R1, accepted March 2013.
  • Sabouni, R; Kazemian, H. and S. Rohani, Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Microwave- Synthesized Metal Organic Framework CPM-5: Equilibrium and Kinetics study, Microporous & Mesoporous Materials, 175(July) 85-91 (2013).
  • Sheikholeslamzadeh, E. and S. Rohani, Modeling and Optimal Control of Solution Mediated Polymorphic Transformation of L-glutamic Acid, I&ECR, 52(7), 2633-2641(2013) (impact factor 2.01).
  • • Mirmehrabi, M. and S. Rohani, Corrections for "Thermodynamic Modeling of Activity Coefficient and Prediction of Solubility. Parts1 and 2", Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences vol 95, No 4, 2006, pages 790-809", J. Pharm. Sci., 102(3), 786 (2013).

  • Hossein Kazemian, H.; Turowec, B.; Siddiquee, M.N. and S. Rohani, Biodiesel Production Using Cesium Modified Mesoporous Ordered Silica as Heterogeneous Base Catalyst, Fuel, 103, 719-724 (2013). (impact factor=3.248).
  • Sheikholeslamzadeh, E.; Chen, C-C; and S. Rohani, Optimal Solvent Screening for the Crystallization of Pharmaceutical Compounds from Multi-solvent Systems, I&ECR, 51(42), 13792-13802 (2012).
  • Wu, L.; Beaurgard, Y.; Qin, Z.; Rohani, S. and D. W. Shoesmith, A model for the influence of steel corrosion products on nuclear fuel under permanent disposal conditions, Corrosion Sci. (61), 83-91 (2012) . (impact factor=3.734).
  • Lu, J.; Yi-Ping Li, Y-P; Wang, J.; Li, Z.; Rohani, S. and C-B Ching, Crystallization of an active pharmaceutical ingredient that oils out. Separation and Purification Technology, (96), 1-6 (2012). (impact factor=2.921).
  • Mao, S.; Zhang, Y.; Rohani, S. and A. K. Ray, Chromatographic Resolution and Isotherm Determination of (R,S)-Mandelic Acid on Chiralcel-OD Column, Journal of Separation Science, 35(17), 2273-2281 (2012). (impact factor=2.733).
  • Ragab, D; Rohani, S. and S. Consta, Controlled Release of 5-Fluorouracil and Progesterone from Magnetic Nano-Aggregates, Int. J. Nanomed., (7) 3167-3189 (2012) (impact factor=4.976).
  • Lu, J.; Wang, J.; Li, Z. and S. Rohani, Characterization and pseudopolymorphism of L-phenylalanine anhydrous and monohydrate forms. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 6(4), 269-277 (2012).
  • Lu, Jie; Li, Yi-Ping; Li, Q; Li, Z; and S. Rohani, Sohrab, Solubility of L-Phenylamine Anhydrous and Monohydrate Forms: Experimental Measurements and Prediction, CJ. Chem. & Eng. Data 57(5), 1492-1498 (2012).
  • Trifkovic, M.; Rohani, S. and M. Sheikhzadeh, Kinetics Estimation and Polymorphic Transformation Modeling of Buspirone Hydrochloride, J. Cryst. Process Technol., 2(2), 31-43 (2012).
  • Zhao, Yingying; Yuan, Junsheng; ji, zhiyong; Wang, Jingkang; ROHANI, S, The Combined Application of in-situ FBRM, ATR-FTIR and Raman on Polymorphism Transformation Monitoring during the Cooling Crystallization, I&ECR, 51(38), 12530-12536 (2012).
  • Sheikholeslamzadeh, E. and S. Rohani, FPE-D-12-00237R1, Vapour-Liquid and Vapour-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Modeling for Binary, Ternary, and Quaternary Systems of solvents Fluid Phase Equilibria, Fluid Phase Equilibria (333) 97-105 (2012). (impact factor=2.139).
  • Rohani, S.; Isimjan, T.; Mohamed, A.; Kazemian, H.; Salem, M and T. Wang, Fabrication, modification and environmental applications of TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNTAs) and nanoparticles, Frontiers of Chem. Eng., 6(11), 112-122 (2012).
  • Peng, Y.; He, Q.; Rohani, S. and H. Jenkins, Resolution of 2-chloromandelic acid with (R)-(+)-N-Benzyl-1-Phenylethylamine: Chiral Discrimination Mechanism, Chirality, 24(5), 349-355 (2012). (impact factor= 2.892).
  • Herrera, J. E.; Isimjan, T. T.; Abdullahi, I.; Ray, A. K. and S. Rohani, A novel nanoengineered VOx catalyst supported on highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays for partial oxidation reactions, Applied Catal. A, 417-418, 13-18 (2012).
  • Isimjan, T.; Zhu Yan; D.-Q Yang; S. Rohani and A. K. Ray, A new approach of tailoring wetting properties of TiO2 nanotubular surfaces, Advanced Sci Letters, 18, 158-163 (2012). (impact factor=1.25).
  • Isimjan, T.; Wang, T.; and S. Rohani, A Novel Method to Prepare Superhydrophobic, UV Resistance and Anti-corrosion" has been accepted for publication in Chemical Engineering Journal, 210, 182-187 (2012) . (impact factor=3.461).
  • Gordon, J.; Kazemian, H. and S. Rohani, Rapid and efficient crystallization of MIL-53(Fe) by ultrasound and microwave irradiation, Microporous & Mesoporous Materials, 162, 36–43 (2012).
  • Ahmadi, S.; M. Manteghian; H. Kazemian; S. Rohani; J. Towfighi Darian, Synthesis of silver nano catalyst by gel-casting using response surface methodology, Powder Technol., 228,163-170, (2012).
  • Lu, J.; Yi-Ping Li, Y-P; Wang, J.; Li, Z.; Rohani, S. and C-B Ching, Study on the oiling-out and crystallization for the purification of idebenone, Organic Process Research & Development, 16(3), 442-446 (2012).
  • Lu, J.; Wang, J. and S. Rohani, Preparation and characterization of amorphous, I and II forms of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate. Crystal Research and Technology, 47(5), 505-510 (2012).
  • Zhao, Y. Y.; Sohrab Rohani *, Y. Bao, J.k. Wang *, Characterizing the Polymorphic Transformation of Carbamazepine Using FBRM, ATR-FTIR and Raman, Pharmaceutics, 4, 164-178 (2012).
  • Sheikholeslamzadeh, E. and S. Rohani, Solubility Prediction of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Compounds in Pure and Mixed Solvents Using Predictive Models, I&ECR 51(1), 464-473 (2012).
  • He, Q.; S. Rohani; Zhu, J. and H. Gomaa, Resolution of Sertraline with (R)-Mandelic Acid: Chiral Discrimination Mechanism Study, Chirality, 24(2), 119-128 (2012).
  • Isimjan, T.; Rohani, S.; and A. K. Ray, Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting for Hydrogen Generation on Highly Ordered TiO2 Nanotubes Fabricated by Using Ti as Cathode, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 37(1), 103-108 (2012).
  • Trifkovic M.; M. Sheikhzadeh; K. Choo and S. Rohani, Model Predictive Control of a Twin-Screw Extruder for Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) Applications, Comp. & Chem. Eng., 36, 247-254 (2012).
  • Dargahi, M.; Kazemian, H.; Soltanieh, M.; Hosseinpoor,M. and S. Rohani,
  • High Temperature Synthesis of SAPO-34: Applying an L9 Taguchi Orthogonal Design to Investigate the Effects of Experimental Parameters, Powder Technology, (217) 223-230 (2012).

  • Siddiquee, M., Kazemian, H. and S. Rohani, Lipid, Biodiesel, FAME, Mesoporous Heterogeneous Catalyst, Chem. Eng. & Technol., 34(12), 1983-1988 (2011).
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  • Hu, Y.; Kazemian, H.; Roani, S.; Huang, Y. and Y. Song, In-Situ High Pressure Study of ZIF-8 by FTIR Spectroscopy, Chem. Comm., 47(47), 12694-12696 (2011).
  • Lu, Jie; Jiang, Xiao-Lin; Li, Zhen; Rohani, Sohrab; Ching, Chi-Bun, Solubility of a Lysozyme in Polyelectrolyte Aqueous Solutions, J. Chem. & Eng. Data, 56(12), 4808-4812 (2011).
  • Lu, Jie; Li, Yi-Ping; Wang, Jing; Li, Zhen; Rohani, Sohrab; Ching, Chi-Bun, Pharmaceutical cocrystals: a comparison of sulfamerazine with sulfamethazine, J. Crystal Growth, 335(1), 110-114 (2011).
  • Dargahi, M.; H. Kazemian; M. Soltanieh and S. Rohani, Hosseinpoor, M. Rapid and Efficient High Temperature Synthesis of SAPO-34 Nano Particles Particuology, 9(5), 452-457 (2011).
  • Siddiquee, M. and S. Rohani, Lipid Extraction and Biodiesel Production from Municipal Sewage Sludges - A Review, LLK1700, Fuel Process. Technol., 92, 2241-2251 (2011).
  • Wang, T.; T. Isimjan; J. Chen and S. Rohani, Transparent Nanostructured Coatings with UV-shielding and Superhydrophobicity Properties, Nanotechnol., 22(26) 265708/1-265708/7, (2011) (impact factor=3.98).
  • Kaliyaperumal, S.; S. Barghi; J. Zhu; L. Briens and S. Rohani, Effects of acoustic vibration on nano and sub-micron powders fluidization, Powder Technol, 9(3), 279-287 (2011).
  • Kaliyaperumal, S; S. Barghi; L. Briens; S. Rohani and J. Zhu, Fluidization of nano and sub-micron powders using mechanical vibration, Powder Technol, 210(2), 143-149 (2011).
  • Lu, J.; A. J. Cruz-Cabeza,; S. Rohani and M. C. Jennings, A 2:1 Sulfamethazine:Theophylline Cocrystal Exhibiting two Tautomers of Sulfamethazine, Acta Crystall. Section C, C67(8), o306-o309 (2011).
  • Haja Hameed, A. S., C. Karthikeyan, G. Ravi and S. Rohani, Caharacteriation studies on the additives mixed L-arginne phosphate monohydrate (LAP) crystals, Physica B, 406, 1363-1367 (2011).
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