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Snickers pie

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Snickers pie recipe how to make a no bake 15 minutes snickers tart dessert elise strachan

Snickers pie is a chocolate dessert whose ingredients include five Snickers bars, and both mascarpone and soft cheese. The recipe appeared on the BBC cookery show Saturday Kitchen, where it was made by Antony Worrall Thompson.


Snickers pie NoBake Snickers Pie

The Food Commission called the Snickers pie "one of the most unhealthy recipes ever published". Antony Worrall Thompson said the pie was intended as a treat for children and was not meant for regular consumption. The recipe was removed from the BBC website.

Snickers pie Snickers Peanut Butter Pie Crazy for Crust

According to the Food Commission's calculations, a single serving contains over 1,250 calories, the equivalent of 22 teaspoons of fat and 11 teaspoons of sugar. However, this assumes a portion size of 1/4 of the pie, contrary to the recipe which indicates the dish serves 12 adults or 16 children.

Snickers pie SupersizedMealscom Snickers Pie Recipe

Note that the original recipe was invented in 2006, when in the UK a single Snickers bar had a weight of 62.5g. This weight was subsequently reduced to 58g in 2009, and to 48g in 2013. For authenticity and based on the 2013 UK bar weight, one might therefore use 6.5 bars instead of 5.

Snickers pie NoBake Snickers Pie

Snickers pie recipe no bake

Snickers pie NoBake Snickers Pie
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