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Smuggling in fiction

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Smuggling in fiction

This list of smuggling in fiction includes works of fiction (in both prose and poetry) where smuggling is a prominent theme. Smuggling is a common trope or theme in literature and can be found in a wide range of works – from the 18th century novels of Charlotte Turner Smith to Prosper Mérimée's 19th century novella, Carmen (the inspiration for numerous films as well as Bizet's opera, Carmen) to the James Bond novel (and later film) Diamonds are Forever.



  • Contraband, 2012
  • Novels

  • Eric Ambler: The Light of Day (1962) (filmed as Topkapi)
  • Eric Ambler: Passage of Arms (1959)
  • Paul Bowles: The Sheltering Sky (1949)
  • Samuel Rutherford Crockett: The Raiders (1894) – a novel about smugglers in Galloway
  • George Payne Rainsford James: The Smuggler: A tale
  • Daphne du Maurier: Jamaica Inn (1936) – a novel about both smugglers and wreckers in Cornwall
  • J. Meade Falkner: Moonfleet (1898)
  • Ian Fleming: Diamonds Are Forever (1956)
  • Raelynn Hillhouse: Rift Zone (2004)
  • Mollie Hunter: The Lothian Run (1971) – a novel for young readers about Jacobite smugglers.
  • Prosper Mérimée: Carmen (1845)
  • Charlotte Turner Smith: The Old Manor House (1793)
  • Barbara Smucker: Underground to Canada (1977) – children's novel about the Underground Railroad which smuggled escaped slaves from the American South into Canada.
  • Russell Thorndike: The Doctor Syn novels – a series of seven novels about Doctor Syn, the Smuggler of Romney Marsh, published between 1915 and 1944
  • Poetry

  • Rudyard Kipling: A Smuggler's Song (1906) – this poem appears in "'Hal o' the Draft", one of the stories in Puck of Pook's Hill
  • James Sheridan Knowles: The Smuggler (1810)
  • Plays and operas

  • Georges Bizet: Carmen (1875) – In act 3 of the opera, Carmen and her lover join a camp of gypsy smugglers
  • Winsome Pinnock: Mules (1996) – a play about Jamaican women working as mules for cocaine smugglers
  • Bedřich Smetana: The Kiss (1876) – an opera based on a novel by Karolina Světlá
  • Michael Wall: Amongst Barbarians (1989) – a play based on a true story of two English drug-traffickers executed in Malaysia
  • References

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