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Smashing Time

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Director  Desmond Davis
Initial DVD release  January 11, 2000
Country  United Kingdom
6.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Musical
Music director  John Addison
Writer  George Melly
Language  English
Smashing Time movie poster
Release date  1967
Cast  Rita Tushingham (Brenda), Lynn Redgrave (Yvonne), Michael York (Tom Wabe)
Similar movies  Birdman, Pitch Perfect 2, Frozen, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Cinderella
Tagline  Two Girls Go Stark Mod!

Smashing time full movie 1967 rita tushingham lynn redgrave

Smashing Time is a 1967 British comedy film starring Rita Tushingham and Lynn Redgrave. It is a satire on the 1960s media-influenced phenomenon of Swinging London.


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It was written by George Melly and directed by Desmond Davis. The supporting cast included Ian Carmichael, Michael York, Jeremy Lloyd, Anna Quayle, Irene Handl, Arthur Mullard and Geoffrey Hughes.

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Smashing time 1967


Smashing Time A Dandy In Aspic Smashing Time The Ultimate Swinging London Film

Brenda (Rita Tushingham) and Yvonne (Lynn Redgrave), two girls from the North of England, arrive in London to seek fame and fortune. However, their image of the city is quickly tarnished when they are robbed of their savings by a tramp. Determined not to let her chance slip, Yvonne visits Carnaby Street in the hope of catching the eye of a trendy photographer, whilst Brenda has to stay behind and do the washing up in a 'greasy spoon' cafe after the girls can't afford to pay.

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Yvonne does get spotted by a trendy photographer, Tom Wabe (Michael York), but for all the wrong reasons; she is singled out for being poorly dressed.

Smashing Time smashing time The Sofa Cinephile

After several unsuccessful job attempts, Yvonne accidentally wins the star prize in a television game show and decides to invest the prize money in becoming a pop star. Her single, "I'm So Young", though patently awful, becomes a big hit and she and Brenda drift apart. As Tom Wabe's muse, Brenda goes on to become a top model, while Yvonne's popularity wanes. However, at a glamorous party (at the top of the Post Office Tower) the girls realise the shallowness of the media business and decide to return home.


Smashing Time The Rita Tushingham Home Page Credits Photos 1967 1969
  • Rita Tushingham as Brenda
  • Lynn Redgrave as Yvonne
  • Michael York as Tom Wabe
  • Anna Quayle as Charlotte Brillig
  • Irene Handl as Mrs. Gimble
  • Ian Carmichael as Bobby Mome-Rath
  • Jeremy Lloyd as Jeremy Tove
  • Toni Palmer as Toni
  • George A. Cooper as Irishman
  • Peter Jones as Dominic
  • Arthur Mullard as Cafe Boss
  • Ronnie Stevens as 1st Waiter
  • John Clive as Sweeney Todd Manager
  • Mike Lennox as Disc Jockey
  • Sydney Bromley as Tramp
  • David Lodge as The Caretaker
  • Amy Dalby as Demolished Old lady
  • Murray Melvin as 1st Exquisite
  • Bruce Lacey as Clive Sword
  • Cardew Robinson as Custard-Pie Vicar
  • Tomorrow as The Snarks
  • Paul Danquah as 2nd Exquisite
  • Michael Ward as Elderly Shop Owner
  • Sam Kydd as Workman
  • Geoffrey Hughes as Workman
  • Jerold Wells as Workman
  • Veronica Carlson as Actress at Party
  • Valerie Leon as Tove's Secretary
  • Reception

    Smashing Time Smashing Time

    The film performed poorly at the box office and ABC recorded a loss of $710,000. The film critic Alexander Walker noted that the film arrived too late to parody 'Swinging London' as the fad was already dead.

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