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Small Town Sheriff

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Language  English
Small Town Sheriff movie scenes It s not surprising a film like Small Town Saturday Night never found theaters Written and directed by Ryan Craig this small little indie about the small
Director  Harry Bailey John Foster Frank Moser Jerry Shields
Release date  July 22, 1927

1927 cartoon aesop s fables small town sheriff

Small Town Sheriff is a silent animated short subject produced by Fables Studios, and part of the Aesop's Fables film series started by Paul Terry.


Small town sheriff


Small Town Sheriff movie scenes Speaking of standbys low budget standby the always heroic Doug McClure stars as Jim Hill a small town sheriff with a couple problems on his hands

An 80-year-old gramps travels on a rural road in his single-seater car. When his radiator overheats, he heads to a nearby water pump to cool it. But while he cools, someone comes, and rides away with his vehicle.

Not knowing what to do after his car was carnapped, the gramps comes to a soda stand operated by a black civet. Despite the stand having the word "soda" labelled on it, the beverages served there tend to give customers alcohol-esque effects like drowsyness. The gramps then orders a soda bottle but he is unable to open it. As an alternative, the civet offers soda in a glass. And upon drinking the beverage, the gramps starts to twitch and lose consciousness.

The gramps then dreams of himself in space, being thrown from one rock to another. On one rock he meets an invisible entity wearing a hat, gloves, and boots. The entity sells to the gramps a bottle of soda. But as he is about to gulp, the bottle vanishes. When he goes on looking for it, another pair of boots approaches and kicks him in the rear, sending him airborne. The gramps then lands on a rising umbrella but trouble from a pesky bird causes him to fall off. He then falls onto some terrain with soft bumps that repeatedly expand and contract. After the bumps send him floating again, the gramps is met again by the civet on a boat who tosses him a ring attached to a rope. When he tries to reach the boat, a meteor comes and strikes the vessel. Without anymore aid left, the gramps tries in vain to swim himself to safety.

Finally waking up from his soda-manifested dream, the gramps finds himself being watched by the civet and various other stand patrons. He soon learns that the beverages are not good for consumption, and goes on to reveal himself as a sheriff by showing a brass star on his chest. The uncovered sheriff then pulls out a gun, and shoos away everybody at the scene.

Home media

The short is included in the 600 Giant Cartoon Collection.


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