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Elevation  306 m
Local time  Friday 11:59 AM
Area  4.09 km²
Sluštice httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Weather  9°C, Wind NE at 6 km/h, 68% Humidity

Sluštice (in German Sluschtitz) is a village situated in district Prague-East (in Czech Praha-východ) in Central Bohemian Region (in Czech Středočeský kraj), Czech Republic. It is in the middle of a triangle formed by Říčany u Prahy, Úvaly and Prague 9 - Koloděje. The population is 345 inhabitants (2006). Neighbouring villages are Sibřina, Květnice, Zlatá, Březí and Křenice, it is only 2 km from the boundary of the Capital city of Prague. In the surroundings there are two hills - Na Baborách and Na Kukli. The brook of Výmola flows through the village. The municipality with an extended authority, to which Sluštice is subordinated, is Říčany u Prahy. There are a football pitch, a pond on the square and 2 more outside the village, a cemetery, a firehouse, a local authority (obecní úřad). The elementary school was closed down in 1985. In the school building a part of the comedy The Snowdrop Festival (in Czech Slavnosti sněženek, 1983, director Jiří Menzel) was filmed. Children attend an elementary school at Škvorec.


Map of 250 84 Slu%C5%A1tice, Czechia

There are no post office, school, hospital, police station or railway station.


The first written record dates back to 1223 when the village was a property of Mstidruh of Sluštice. Already at that time there was a parish church and a stronghold. It is an evidence that Sluštice was among significant villages. In 1519 it was bought by Marta Pechancová of Bezděkov. At that time the stronghold was not inhabited, it was controlled from Královice and Křenice and the local stronghold ceased to exist. The village of Sluštice belonged to the Královice and Křenice estates. In 1623 (at the time of the Thirty Years' War) Sluštice was confiscated, sold to the Prince Charles of Liechtenstein and incorporated into the estate of Škvorec with which it shared its fate.

Historical development of the name of the village

The etymology of the word Sluštice is "ves lidí služkových" which is "a village of servants".

  • 1223 Miztidruch de Zluscic
  • 1332 apud judicem de Slusicz
  • 1357 villas Zluchsicz et (and) Zlatho (Zlatá)
  • 1352-1399 decan. Ryczan.: Sluzcicz
  • around 1405 Slussicz
  • 1483 dvuor v (court in) Slušticích
  • 1493 in villa Slussticz
  • 1519 Johanka z (Joanne of) Sluštic … děd. jich v Slušticích … v (in) Strašíně a v (and in) Březí
  • 1563 Slussticze dvuor p[oplužní] s p[oplužím]. kromě louky nad (except a meadow above) Slussticzy, tvrz (stronghold) Zlata, dvuor p[oplužní] s p[oplužím], Slussticze, ves celá (whole village) …. Rybníci k témuž dru (fishponds to the same) Slussticzkemu
  • German name: Sluschtitz
  • Monuments

  • Baroque church of St. James the Greater from the 18th century (1746-1749), original Gothic from the 13th century was badly damaged by a fire in 1716. The roof and a part of the façade of the church were restored between 2006 and 2007.
  • Memorial to soldiers who died during the World War I
  • References

    Sluštice Wikipedia

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