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Slavko Dedić career record

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Slavko Dedić career record

Slavko Dedić is a Montenegrin chess player. He participated on dozens international tournaments, including the European Championship 2009. Dedić is a member of Chess club "Šahmatik" from Budva.


As a professional chess player, Slavko Dedić became a FIDE Master Candidate during the 2002. Since then, he played a dozens of domestic and international high-level tournaments. Below is a list of Slavko Dedić's tournament games since he became a Master Candidate.

Score by competition levels

Since he became FIDE Master candidate at 2003, Slavko Dedić played tournaments on various competition levels.

* W = wins; D = draws; L = Loses; Wpct = Winning percentage; Ppct = Earned points percentage

Score by tournaments

* W = wins; D = draws; L = Loses; Wpct = Winning percentage; Ppct = Earned points percentage


Score by host cities

During the career, Slavko Dedić played his professional games in 13 different cities in Montenegro and Serbia. Most of them, Dedić played in his hometown (Podgorica), but also in Cetinje, Bar and Obrenovac. City with the best Dedić's score is Andrijevica. Below are the scores of Dedić games in every host city.


During his career, Slavko Dedić played 532 games against domestic players. Except players from Montenegro, Slavko Dedić played 97 matches against various opponents from 14 different European countries. Below are the scores of Dedić matches against foreign players.


At the end of 2014, Slavko Dedić gained status of chess referee by Chess Federation of Montenegro. His debut as a referee occurred on June 2016, at "7th October" blitz tournament in Podgorica. Below is the list of tournaments refereed by Slavko Dedić.


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