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Skipped Parts

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Director  Tamra Davis
Language  English
6.6/10 IMDb

Skipped Parts movie poster
Release date  January, 2001 (USA)
Writer  Tim Sandlin (novel), Tim Sandlin (screenplay)
Tagline  There's nothing like knowing what you've been missing.

Skipped Parts (also known as The Wonder of Sex in the UK), is a movie based on Tim Sandlin's book of the same name. Skipped Parts is the first in a series of novels based on the lives of Maury and Sam, the second and final being Sorrow Floats and Social Blunders. The film is about a group of characters living in a small Wyoming town. After making the film-festival rounds in 2000, it had a limited release by Trimark Pictures. The title comes from how certain books mention sex and romance, but skips their factual aspects.


Skipped Parts movie scenes

It was filmed in Regina, Fort Qu'Appelle and Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

Skipped Parts movie scenes

Skipped parts 2000 my top 5 favourite parts

Plot summary

Skipped Parts movie scenes

The film starts in 1963, with liberal-minded Lydia, and her 14-year-old son Sam. Lydia's father is running for governor of North Carolina, and he does not want Lydia and Sam in his way, so the two are banished from North Carolina. Arriving in Wyoming, Lydia only wants to have a good time and Sam is never allowed to call her "Mom" (she wants him to call her "Lydia").

Skipped Parts movie scenes

Sam soon finds out that he is one of only two students in Gro Vont High School who can read. The other one is Maurey, a girl at the same age as Sam who wants to learn about sex. Consequent to their mutual discoveries, Maurey becomes pregnant. Maurey decides to have an abortion in a distant hospital, and by accident, runs into her mother and the baseball coach who is also there with the same intent.

Skipped Parts movie scenes

Maurey moves to Lydia's and Sam's house, since her father banishes her from his house. Meanwhile, Hank Elkrunner, a Blackfoot, falls for the feckless Lydia, while her dictatorial dad keeps tabs on them all from afar.

In the end, Maurey decides not to have an abortion and keeps the baby, a little girl named Shannon. After being threatened to be financially cut off unless she breaks up with Hank, and lets Sam go to Military School, Lydia decides to stay with Hank, and takes a job at the local diner. In addition, Hank sells his trailer and moves in with Sam and Lydia, along with Maurey and Shannon who decide to permanently move in. The film ends with Sam finishing the flashback for the story, with Shannon nearby.

Throughout the movie, Sam has many dream fantasies which star Drew Barrymore as the subject of his fantasies.

Primary cast

  • Drew Barrymore as fantasy girl
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lydia Callahan
  • Bug Hall as Sam Callahan
  • Mischa Barton as Maurey Pierce
  • Brad Renfro as Dothan Talbot
  • R. Lee Ermey as Caspar Callahan
  • Michael Greyeyes as Hank Elkrunner
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