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Skara Cathedral

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Location  Skara
Denomination  Church of Sweden
Diocese  Diocese of Skara
Bishop  Åke Bonnier
Country  Sweden
Height  65 m
Phone  +46 511 265 28
Skara Cathedral
Address  Södra Kyrkogatan, 532 31 Skara, Sweden
Architects  Helgo Zettervall, Ivar Tengbom
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Skara Cathedral (Swedish: Skara domkyrka) is a church in the Swedish town of Skara. The cathedral is the seat for the bishop of the Church of Sweden Diocese of Skara.


Its history is traced from the 11th century, but its current appearance is from the 13th century. The church has a medieval crypt that was found in 1949 after having been buried under stones since the 13th century. A grave, containing a skeleton, was found in the crypt, which is within the oldest (11th century) part of the cathedral.

The church is 65 meters long and the towers reach a height of 63 meters.

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