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Year first lit  1957 (current)
Construction  concrete tower
Opened  1957
Year first constructed  1871 (first)
Foundation  concrete
Height  26 m
Automated  1957

Location  Skagsudde, southeast of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Tower shape  cylindrical tower with lantern attached to the keeper's house
Markings / pattern  white tower with one red band, with lantern
Similar  Bjuröklubb, Pite‑Rönnskär, Rödkallen, Örskär, Svenska Högarna

Skagsudde, is a Swedish lighthouse. It was built to replace to old light station Skag located on the island Gråklubben nearby.


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Skagsudde Skagsudde och Skeppsmalen rnskldsviks kommun

Skag lighthouse was designed by engineer Nils Gustaf von Heidenstam and lit in 1877 and is now relocated complete with a Fresnel lens as a tourist attraction outside the town of Piteå.

Skagsudde Oktober

The modern tower is of typical 1950's functionalistic design and its top holds many antennas and communications gear. Skagsudde is frequently reported as a weather station in shipping news by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. It is owned and remote-controlled by the Swedish Maritime Administration. It is the main lighthouse to reach the ports of Örnsköldsvik and Husum.


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Skagsudde has a humid continental climate due to recent mildening of the climate. It retains strong maritime influence, resulting in cool summers and milder winters than in surrounding interior low-lying areas. As typical of east coast maritime stations in Sweden, precipitation is generally low even though the climate is humid.

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