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Sixteenth Texas Legislature

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The Sixteenth Texas Legislature met from January 14 to July 9, 1879 in its regular session and one called session. All members of the House of Representatives and about half of the members of the Senate were elected in 1878 General Election.



  • 16th Regular session: January 14–April 24, 1879
  • 16th First called session: June 10–July 9, 1879
  • Senate

    Lieutenant Governor
    Joseph Draper Sayers, Democrat
    President pro tempore
    Edwin Hobby, Democrat, Regular session, ad interim Leonidas Jefferson Storey, Democrat, First called session

    House of Representatives

    Speaker of the House
    John Hughes Cochran, Democrat


    Members of the Sixteenth Texas Legislature as of the beginning of the Regular Session, January 14, 1879:

    House of Representatives

  • Benjamin M. Baker
  • Thomas Beck
  • William Bell
  • Guy Morrison Bryan
  • William Clemens
  • John Hughes Cochran
  • James N. English
  • R. J. Evans
  • George Finlay
  • Jacob E. Freeman
  • Samuel Frost
  • Caleb Jackson Garrison
  • Charles Reese Gibson
  • Bedford G. Guy
  • William Kercheval Homan
  • Elias Mayes
  • George Pickett
  • Joseph Benjamin Polley
  • Alonzo Sledge
  • Ashbel Smith
  • Felix Ezell Smith
  • M. D. K. Taylor
  • Robert H. Taylor
  • Benjamin Franklin Williams
  • Charles Louis Wurzbach
  • Membership Changes

  • ^ District 16: Buchanan was elected in special election February 17, 1880
  • ^ District 20: Homan was reelected in special election February 17, 1880
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