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Six Magics

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Years active  1996–present
Active from  1996
Origin  Santiago, Chile
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Members  Elizabeth Vásquez Erick Avila Pablo Proharam Mauricio Nader Pablo Stagnaro
Albums  Behind the Sorrow, Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley, Falling Angels, Animal, The Secrets Of an Island
Genres  Heavy metal, Progressive metal, Power metal, Symphonic metal
Record labels  Underground Symphony, Coroner Records
Similar  Mauricio Nader, Alejandro Silva, Poema Arcanus, Forgotten Tales, SteelRage

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Six magics is a Chilean metal group formed initially by Pablo Stagnaro, Erick Avila, Nicholas Espinoza, J.Pizarro and Sergio Villarroel. At first, Erick composed music and edited while J. Pablo wrote the lyrics. Their songs were originally all in Spanish, but they hoped to later write in English. After a year, they recorded four songs in their demo "Trilogy of Guerrero."


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In 1998, J.Pablo decided to move the band to France. They brought on a new guitarist, Rodolfo Sanchez. In 1999, Sergio Domínguez entered as a new vocalist and Sebastián Carrasco entered as a keyboardist. With these changes, Six Magics began to compose the lyrics in English and worked to the goal of creating a professional album. While they were working in their first professional production, they were offered the opportunity to be the opening group for the Finn band Nightwish in July 2000. In 2001, they played as the opener for Italian band Rhapsody. In January 2001, after the completion of these tours, the band returned to the recording studio. They performed work with narrations and epic stories influenced by the Baroque and Classic romantic style.

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At the beginning of 2002, two new members came to the band: Gabriel Hidalgo on guitar and Mauricio Nader on bass. With this new formation, the band enhanced its acoustic sound. They released their first album, Dead Kings of the Unholy Valley, in July 2002. In 2003, they began to work on their second album, The Secrets Of An Island. This was a conceptual work about the mythological history of Chiloé Island. The songs on this album used choirs, folk instruments, and was influenced by ethnic Chilean music. Six Magics started then and continued to mix ard rock with a Latin American traditional beat in a style called Folk Metal. Their concerts became larger and more decorated productions and began to attract larger audiences. At one point, singer Sergio Dóminguez fell ill and was temporarily replaced by Cristóbal Flores.

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In 2004, the band flew to Germany, France, and Spain to promote their new albums and tour and is well received. Pianist Sebastián Carrasco left in 2005, and the band decided not to replace him and instead become a quintet. They then prepared a film of their work, entitled Dead Secrets, to be shown at the Theater Province. The DVD was delayed due to technical difficulties and was not resolved until the end of the year, so instead of being shown at the theater was released straight to DVD.


In January 2007, Six Magics began work on their third album. The production is directed by the North American David Prater (Dream Theater, FireHouse, Fahrenheit). In May of the 2007, Sergio Domínguez decided to leave the band to spend more time with his family and his upcoming son.


On June 26, 2008, they released a single called Behind the Sorrow ahead of their third album, Animal, which was released in August, on September they played with Tarja Turunen.

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NEW: After serving as the vanguard of the Chilean Metal scene for more than 13 years, Six Magics is without question one of the most important musical exports from this remarkable country. With an emphasis on building an international presence, their records have been sold in a wide variety of countries, continents and cultures. Additionally, they have shared stages with the likes of international touring acts Nightwish, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody.

In 2006, they released “Dead Secrets”, their first live DVD containing songs from their two previous albums. After the DVDs release, the decision was made to immediately record a third record with the legendary multi- platinum producer David Prater. His groundbreaking work with Dream Theater on two of their most successful recordings, “Images and Words” and “A Change Of Seasons”, established Prater as perhaps the most sought after producer in all of modern progressive rock. His rich track record also contains an impressive list of best selling mainstream rock artists from the last twenty years (Firehouse, Arcade, Nightranger, Stephen Pearcy, etc.). The álbum was called “Behind the Sorrow” and was released by the Italian label Coroner Records

From a creative standpoint, Six Magics has experienced a remarkable growth spurt over the last years beginning with the decision to enlist the services of Prater and continuing with the arrival of Elizabeth Vasquez, the band’s sensational new lead vocalist. The decision to break new ground in a changing musical landscape by bringing her brooding, sultry voice to the foreground of the group’s sound signals a courageous sense of adventure sorely needed in a field dominated by faceless male counterparts.

In 2010 to support the new record “Behind the Sorrow”, Six Magics launched a European tour that kept the musicians on the road for nearly two months. They played in different countries like Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and Turkey.

In 2011 Six Magics started working on their next studio album. Six Magics also played in Chile at The Metal Fest, the first version of a Chilean festival in which bands like Testament, Blind Guardian, Anthrax, UDO among others were headliners.

In July 2012 the new material of the band entitled “Falling Angels” was released in Europe, Chile, Japan and USA

Six magics behind the sorrow live at chile rock festival


  • Elizabeth Vásquez (Vocals)
  • Erick Avila (Guitar)
  • Pablo Proharam (Guitar)
  • Mauricio Nader (Bass)
  • Pablo Stagnaro (Drums)
  • Past

  • Sergio Dominguez (Vocals)
  • Pablo Stagnaro (Drums)
  • Erick Avila (Guitar)
  • M.Nader (Base)
  • Gabriel Hidalgo (Guitar)
  • Sebastian Carrasco (Keyboard)
  • Albums

  • Dead Kings Of The Unholy Valley (2001)
  • The Secrets Of An Island (2003)
  • Animal (2008)
  • Behind the Sorrow (2010)
  • Falling Angels (2012)
  • Singles

  • "Trilogía de un guerrero" (1997)
  • "Behind The Sorrow" (2008)
  • DVD

  • Dead Secret (2006)
  • Songs

    Falling AngelsFalling Angels · 2012
    The Secrets Of An Island
    Behind the SorrowBehind the Sorrow · 2010


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