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Sisterhood Is Forever

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Country  United States
Media type  Print (paperback)
ISBN  978-0743466271
Originally published  2003
Editor  Robin Morgan
Page count  580
Language  English
Pages  580
OCLC  51854519
Author  Robin Morgan
Preceded by  Sisterhood Is Global
Subject  Second-wave feminism
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Sisterhood is forever

Sisterhood Is Forever: The Women's Anthology for a New Millennium is a 2003 anthology of feminist writings edited by Robin Morgan. Sisterhood Is Forever has over fifty women contributing sixty original essays written specifically for it. Sisterhood is Forever is the follow up to Sisterhood Is Global, which itself is the follow up to Sisterhood is Powerful. Sisterhood Is Forever shows the reader feminism's emphases and accomplishments as of 2003. The essayists are a diverse group, with varying ages and backgrounds. Essays range in tone from scholarly to narrative and provide both conservative and liberal view points. The focus is on feminism in the United States. The book addresses why feminism is still needed in the 21st century, providing "alarming" statistics about the status of women in the United States in Morgan's introduction.


Sisterhood is forever


Sisterhood Is Forever was considered "multifaceted and compelling" by Publishers Weekly. According to reviewer Kathy Davis, Robin Morgan's touch can be seen throughout the book, showing a clear sense of vision through her choices of essays and her footnotes. While some critics felt that focusing on the U.S. was "problematic," others felt that it made sense, especially in the wake of 9/11.


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