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Sirvan Khosravi

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Genres  Pop, electronic
Name  Sirvan Khosravi
Occupation(s)  Singer, musician
Role  Singer
Instruments  Keyboard, piano
Siblings  Xaniar Khosravi
Years active  2001–present

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Born  26 July 1982 (age 33) Tehran, Iran (1982-07-26)
Albums  This Soon, No, Don’t Go, Road of Dreams
Similar People  Mohsen Yeganeh, Mohammad Esfahani, Reza Sadeghi, Mohsen Chavoshi, Shahram Shokoohi

Sirvan Khosravi - Jaye Man Nisti (Live)

Sirvan Khosravi (Persian: سیروان خسروی‎‎; born 26 July 1982) is an Iranian pop rock singer, musician, composer, music arranger. He is the older brother of Xaniar Khosravi, who is also a pop singer. He started learning music when he was a young child, then played the synthesizer professionally.


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Sirvan Khosravi was born in 1982 in Tehran and from age eleven learned keyboards for four years with Evy Junio.

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Before publishing his first album in 2001, Khosravi participated in the works of other Iranian artists as voice recorder, recording supervisor, music arranger and musician. After meeting Omid Athari Nejad in 2001, he started to produce his first album, named To Khial Kardi Beri and after getting publishing certificate from The ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in 2005, he published it.

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As an actor, he participated in Niki Karimi's short movie Soote Payan in summer of 2010.

Khosravi started to produce his second music album Sa’ate 9 from 2005 and published it in 2009. He performed his first concert on February 2009. In 2012, he became very popular among Iranian people by performing the end song of Sakhteman pezeshkan film. Since late 2011, he was prohibited by the music office of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance for 10 months for using alcoholic drinks in his concert.

After gaining success upon his album (Sa'ate 9) with hits such as Emrooz Mikham Behet Begam(I want to tell you today), Zendegi Hamin Emrooze(Today is the Life), Delam Gerefte(I'm heartsore) he started to work on his next album Jaddeie Royaha(Road of Dreams) which was again a succes but not like his last album.But after releasing a bunch of highly energetive singles he rose to national fame and started his Iran tour and managed to claim the media and the audience's attention.He continued playing at concerts in main cities of Iran and before his unplugged album he released some high quality music videos that were responded well by his fans.He also recorded a World Cup single with his brother to shock the music industry in Iran with its great energy called 70 million stars.His music videos are available on YouTube and all of his tracks are in his official website. He received major praise for his unplugged album in 2016 which was filmed in Azadi Tower in 2015 and included his live performances and some behind the scenes from his music videos.This album was sponsored by the AXE and was directed by the farahbod brothers,the cover was designed by Ali Ghazizadeh and the songs were rearranged by Sirvan's music friend Kaveh Yaghmaei and Sirvan himself.This project was the first unplugged album by an Iranian musician and was published by global standards.He is currently working on his next album set to be out in the markets in 2017.


  • 2005: You Thought if You Go
  • 2009: 9 O’clock
  • 2012: Road Of Dreams
  • 2016: Unplugged
  • 2017: Borderless(Coming Soon)
  • Singles

  • 2006: "Stay With Me"
  • 2006: "Way Of The World" (Remix)
  • 2010: "Yes (Are)" (Night Mix)
  • 2011: "Autumn Rain" (Baroon Paeezi)
  • 2011: "I Fell in Love With You"
  • 2011: "Building Of The Doctors"
  • 2011: "No, Don't Go" (Na Naro)
  • 2011: "Saying Goodbye" (Khodafezi)
  • 2012: "I Love You" (With Omid Hajili)
  • 2012: "Spring is Close" (Bahar Nazdike)
  • 2012: "You Thought if You Go" (To Khial Kardi Beri) (New Version)
  • 2013: "Restless" (BiGharar) (Club Mix)
  • 2013: "I Love Life" (Dost Daram Zendegi ro)
  • 2013: "This Soon" (Be Hamin Zoodi)
  • 2013: "Shine Again" (Bazam Betab)
  • 2014: "70 Million Stars" (70 Million Setare)
  • 2014: "Memories Of You" (Khaterate Too)
  • 2014: "Where are You" (Kojaie Too)
  • 2015: "One Day You Will Come (Ye Roozi Miay)"
  • 2016: "Soojehat Tekrarieh"
  • 2016: "Empty Frame (Ghabe Akse Khali)"
  • 2017: "Do not be surprised(Tajob Nakon)"
  • 2017: "turn Back(Bargard)"
  • 2017: "Many days passed(kheyli rooza gozasht)"
  • 2017:"I'm happy(khoshalam)"
  • Albums

  • 2004: Harmoonie Solh (Peace Harmony) – Farid Merci
  • 2006: Varan - Varan Group
  • 2006: Kenare Mahe Doodi (Near Smokey Moon) – Alireza Tehrani
  • 2009: Bi To Tanham (I am Alone Without You) – Amir Yegane
  • 2010: Eshghe Man Bash (Be My Love) – Behnam Safavi
  • 2010: Romantic – Shahab Ramazan
  • 2011: Asir (Slave) – Alireza Ghomeishi
  • 2011: Mano Raha Kon (Leave Me) – Mehdi Yarahi
  • 2012: Aramesh (Peace) –Behnam Safavi
  • 2012: Asheghaneha (The Amorous) – Ehsan Khajeh Amiri
  • 2012: To Mahkumi be Bargashtan (You are Convicted to Return) – Khashayar Etemadi
  • 2013: "Jashne Tanhaee" (Celebrating Loneliness) - Shahab Ramezan
  • Singles

  • 2006: "Ki Delesh Miad ke Tanhat Bezare?" ("How can Anybody Leave you Alone?") – Arsham
  • 2006: "Havvaye Bi Havas" (Havva Without Passion) – Arsham
  • 2006: "Mishe Asheghe To Bud" (It's Possible to Love You) – Arsham
  • 2006: "Nakone Shab Berese" (Night Would Come) – Arsham
  • 2006: "Asemune Eshgham" (Sky of My Love) – Afshin Sepehr
  • 2006: "Javooni" (Youth) – Afshin Sepehr
  • 2006: "Doosam Nadari" (You Don’t Love Me) – Tufan Karami
  • 2007: "To Gozashti az Eshgh" (You Crossed the Love) – Mehdi Asadi
  • 2007: "Vaysa Donya" (World, Wait) – Reza Sadeghi
  • 2007: "Vali Ye Roozi Dastat …" (But Someday your Hands…) – Ardalan
  • 2007: "Geryehasho be Man Bede" (Give Me the Cries) – Ario Habibi
  • 2008: "Mikham Begam" (I Want to Say) – Hafez Hamed
  • 2008: "Khatereha" (Memories) – Moein,
  • 2008: "Mesle Ye Khatere" (Like a Memory) – Nader Meschi
  • 2008: "Mantaghe-e Mamnoo'e" (Forbidden Zone) – Nader Meschi
  • 2008: "Yalla" (Hurry up) – Mehdi Asadi
  • 2008: "Eshghe Mani" (You are My Love) – Omid Hajili
  • 2008: "Baraye Asheghi Dire" (It's Late for Love) – Omid Hajili
  • 2009: "Tafre Naro" (Don’t Evade) – Xaniar Khosravi
  • 2009: "Risk" – Xaniar Khosravi
  • 2009: "Dooset Dashtam" (I Loved You) – Emad, Ramin
  • 2009: "Forsate Ezterari" (Critical Opportunity) – Emad, Ramin
  • 2009: "Bayla" – Ramin Khazayi
  • 2009: "Karet Doroste" (Nice Job) – Ramin Khazayi
  • 2010: "Hypnotism" – Xaniar Khosravi
  • 2011: "Nemidunam" (I Don’t Know) – Ehsan Khajeh Amiri
  • 2011: "Jonun" (Craziness) – Shahab Ramezan
  • 2011: "Jadde-e Donya" (The Road of the World) – Shahab Ramezan
  • 2011: "Jashne Tanhayi" (Loneliness Celebration) – Shahab Ramezan
  • 2011: "Kenare Mahtab" (Next to Moonlight) – Xaniar Khosravi, Milad Derakhshani
  • 2011: "Hamsangar" (Comrade) – Shahab Ramezan
  • 2012: "Deltangetam" (I Miss You) – Behnam Safavi
  • 2012: "Kash Khoda Mano Bebine" (I Wish God See Me) – Behnam Safavi
  • 2012: "Che Bi Andaze Mikhamet" (How much I want You) – Behnam Safavi
  • 2012: "Khoshbakhtam" (I Am Fortunate) – Shahab Ramezan
  • 2012: "Ehsase Aramesh" (Peaceful Feeling) – Ehsan Khajeh Amiri
  • 2012: "Taghdir" (Destiny) – Khashayar Etemadi
  • 2013: "Bedune To" (Without You) – Xaniar Khosravi
  • 2013: "Dasti Dasti" XaniaR Khosravi
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