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Sirius Red

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Oil Red O, Congo red, Safranin

Picrosirius red staining

Sirius Red F3B (Direct Red 80) is a polyazo dye used principally in staining methods for collagen and amyloid with the molecular formula C45H26N10Na6O21S6. In histology, sirius red staining is used in various domains of diagnostic to observe fibrosis levels in a lot of cases of inflammation induced by cancer, vascular or metabolic pathologies.

Sirius Red Representative micrograph of hepatic tissue stained with Sirius red

In bright field microscopy we observe:

  • The nuclei in yellow
  • The cytoplasm in yellow
  • Collagen fibers in red
  • Muscular fibers in yellow
  • Red blood cells in yellow

  • Sirius Red Stainsfile Sirius red F3B

    Sirius Red DIRECT RED 80 2610108

    Sirius Red PicroSirius Red staining hydroxyproline assay and quantitative RT

    Sirius Red SIRIUS RED Direct Red 80

    Sirius Red Sirius Red


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