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Sins (film)

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Director  Vinod Pande
Release date  February 25, 2005 (India)
Producer  Vinod Pande
Country  India
4/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Romance
Music director  Sanjoy Chowdhury
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Language  English and Hindi/Urdu
Release date  25 February 2005 (India)
Cast  Shiney Ahuja (William), Seema Rahmani (Rose), Uttara Baokar, Vinod Pande, Nitish Pandey, Dadhi Pande
Similar movies  Priest (1994), Calvary (2014), Sinner (2007), The Crime of Father Amaro (2002), Leon Morin - Priest (1961)

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Sins is a 2005 Bollywood film directed and produced by Vinod Pande.


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The movie has a few controversial topless scenes due to which the movie received an A certificate from the censor board of India. The film depicting a Catholic priest romantically involved with a young woman, was protested against by those that felt it was a negative portrayal of Catholicism and indecent. Catholic Secular Forum filed a public interest litigation to stall its release but the court cleared the film.

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The film is based on news story that Pande read in 1988 about a Kerala priest sentenced to death on sexual harassment and murder charges.

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The film depicts the unconventional love cum passionate affair of a young girl with an otherwise older priest. Deciding to keep their love story confidential, things however take such a twist that their love story takes a perpetual transformation into a story marked by jealousy, hatred and treachery.

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  • Shiney Ahuja as Father William, an otherwise kind man transforming into a possessive manipulator who doubts and eventually controls every movement of his lover.
  • Seema Rahmani as Rosemary, a naive innocent girl who falls in a passionate relationship with a man whom she cherishes to marry in order to avert speculations which were doing rounds in the town but to get a perpetual shock in return
  • Nitesh Pande as Graham, Rosemary's husband, a caring husband who cherishes the dream to have a family and stay happy.
  • Uttara Baokar as Mrs Fernandes, the mother of the female protagonist, who falls victimised of unfortunate circumstances.
  • Shashank Shekhar Mahakul as Joe, Rosie's brother
  • Rishi Khurana as Joseph
  • Dadhi Pande as John
  • Vivek Mishra as Dean
  • Madhavi Chopra as Rajni
  • Mohit Nilekani as Kailash
  • Shanu Dev as Police Inspector
  • Vivek Rawat as Ismail
  • Gauri Shankar as Ray
  • Navin Kumar as Sam
  • Manoj Bhaskar as Bhaskar
  • Aditi Sengupta as Shashi
  • Ashutosh Pathak as Postman
  • Ray Mathew as Auto driver
  • Krishna Upadhyay as vegetable vendor
  • Rajat Nath as Bishop
  • Bikramjeet as Bishop's assistant
  • Kamal Adib as Judge
  • Sunil Kumar as William's servant
  • Rajesh Mishra as Julian

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