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Sin senos sí hay paraíso

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Genre  Telenovela
Written by  Marta Nieto
Created by  Gustavo Bolívar
Also known as  Sin tetas sí hay paraíso
Creative director(s)  Rosario Lozano Jonny Torres
Starring  Carolina Gaitán Juan Pablo Urrego Majida Issa Johanna Fadul César Mora Juan Pablo Llano Juan Sebastián Calero Luigi Aycardi Catherine Siachoque Fabián Ríos

Sin senos sí hay paraíso or Sin tetas sí hay paraíso (English: Without Breasts There Is Paradise).is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by Fox Telecolombia for Telemundo and Caracol Televisión.It is a sequel to the telenovela Sin senos no hay paraíso created by Gustavo Bolívar.


On November 28, 2016, Telemundo confirmed that the show has been renewed for a second season.


This is the second part to Sin senos no hay paraíso. It begins when Hilda, who is pregnant receives the news of the death of her daughter Catalina "La Grande", which causes her to give birth before her due date, to her second daughter Catalina "La Pequeña". When Catalina is born, her father Albeiro and mother Hilda fear that Catalina will end up like her sister. Hilda and Albeiro decide in order to protect their daughter, they create a yellow line outside their home. Catalina was forbidden to cross the yellow line, until she fell in love with a boy named Hernan Dario. After seeing Hernan Dario getting attacked by Yessica "La Diabla" Beltran's bodyguards, she leaves the yellow line to defend her love from them. Her mother and father get involved to defend their daughter and are apprehended by the body guards. Yessica, who hates them, then falsely accuses them of stealing and has her men plant jewelry in Dona Hilda's house to incriminate them of a crime they didn't commit. The police, by Yessica's orders, then takes Hernan Dario, Catalina, Dona Hilda, and Albeiro to jail and places each of them in different prisons. Catalina is sent to an prison institution, where she is beaten by the fellow inmates and guards and nearly drowned. Hernan Dario is beaten and humiliated as well until Yessica and her daughter, Daniela, force him to work for them, threatening him to hurt his family. Albeiro, with fellow inmate David, plots to break out of prison in order to escape.


  • Carolina Gaitán as Catalina Marín Santana
  • Juan Pablo Urrego as Hernán Darío
  • Majida Issa as Yésica "La Diabla" Beltrán
  • Johanna Fadul as Daniela Barrera Beltrán
  • César Mora as Marcial Barrera
  • Juan Pablo Llano as Daniel Cerón
  • Juan Sebastián Calero as Octavio Rangel
  • Luigi Aycardi as Aníbal Manrique
  • Catherine Siachoque as Doña Hilda Santana
  • Fabián Ríos as Albeiro Marín
  • Recurring

  • Francisco Bolívar as Jota
  • Vanessa Tamayo as Marisol
  • Diana Isabel Acevedo as Adriana
  • Joselyn Gallardo as Martina
  • Jennifer Arenas as Valentina
  • Estefanía Gómez as Vanessa
  • Carolina Sepúlveda as Ximena
  • Luces Velásquez as Imelda Beltrán
  • Luisa Fernanda Giraldo as Doña Paula Bayona
  • Gregorio Pernía as Aurelio "Titi" Jaramillo
  • Guest

  • Carmen Villalobos as Catalina Santana:Protaginist of the followin season
  • Vicky Hernández as Aurora Venegas
  • Dagoberto Gama as Javier Hernández "Gato Gordo"
  • Production

    The series is based on the book "Sin tetas sí hay paraíso" written by Gustavo Bolívar, who previously wrote "Sin tetas no hay paraíso".The series is known in Colombia as "Sin tetas si hay paraíso".


    The character of Majida Issa was originally interpreted by María Fernanda Yepes, but Yepes did not return for the sequel series due to schedule conflict and personal reasons. To this they decided to change the personality of the character of "Yésica Beltrán". Carmen Villalobos was confirmed to reprise her role from the first installment in this sequel of the series as 'special appearance' through flashback sequence.For the final episode of the first season of "Sin senos sí hay paraíso", the actress appeared again, to give life to "Catalina Santana", and thus to continue as protagonist in the second season of the series.Carolina Gaitán and Juan Pablo Urrego main protagonists had already worked previously on other projects.For this continuation of Sin senos no hay paraíso they integrated to several personages of the first part of history such as; Francisco Bolívar, Carolina Sepúlveda, Gregorio Pernía, Fabián Ríos, Catherine Siachoque and César Mora.


    The first soundtrack of the series, titled Sin senos sí hay paraíso, was released on August 6, 2016.


    The telenovela is considered one of the telenovelas most seen and with good argument produced in 2016.In the United States, the telenovela premiered during the "MarTres" program, which made the audience receive a good telenovela.In Colombia has been one of the most viewed telenovelas according to "Rating Colombia" website.


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