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Simply Sapney

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Starring  See below
Country of origin  India
No. of seasons  1
Number of seasons  1
Language  Hindi
Opening theme  "Simply Sapney" by
Original language(s)  Hindi
No. of episodes  Total
Genre  Drama
Simply Sapney Simply Sapney Bash Simply Sapney on Zee Next serial bash at

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Simply Sapney is an Indian television drama series that aired on Zee Next based on the lives of four girls who come to work at a Hotel Tropical Paradise and how their lives get change.


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Simply Sapney simpllysapney Tellychakkarcom

This serial is about four girls who come to Hotel Tropical Paradise as employers and their names are Kriti (Kathy), Riddhima (Ri), Parmider (Pam) and Gayatri (Gajra). Gayatri's father is a big classical singer who stays at this hotel but he don't know that he have a daughter because he lest his wife in past but when he knows this, he comes and tells her to come with him and they will go to their old home and she gets agree. Vijay Mehra owns this hotel but the real owner is Ketan Malhotra who is Kriti's father. Kriti changes her identity to Kathy at the hotel because she does not want anyone to know that she is Ketan Malhotra's daughter. There she meets Karan Mehra, the son of Vijay Mehra and Karan falls in love with her. Karan and Kriti were best childhood friends and Karan was in love with Kriti since childhood. Annida, who is their manager, is a big devil in this serial who will change everything. Mandy who is Karan's step mother has always wanted Karan to work badly and does not want him to get his father's property. Karan goes to Kathy's house and where he learns the truth about his father that he got hotel by stealing Kathy's father's property. In the beginning episodes, Karan and Kriti were always like two really different characters but then slowly, they fall in love. After an accident at Tropical Paradies, Vijay Mehra throws Kathy (aka Kriti) out of hotel because he thinks she did everything. Her other three friends Gajra, Ri and Pam leave the hotel as well and Karan who was little injured in this accident went to a hospital, but when he comes back to hotel and asks for them, and then his father says they are not here anymore; he too leaves the hotel. On the other side, the foursome start to make another hotel for themselves. Karan doesn't know that Kathy is Kriti and says that he loves her and wants to marry her. She says that she is not right for him but he says that she is his life and he can't let his life. They begin to cook food for their hotel and on first day the big people were coming to taste their food. Ridhimma's brother Ajay puts poison in all foods because Annida and Vijay had told him to. Ridhimma tastes the food before everyone and stops Kathy from serving the food and then faints. Police arrest Pam and Kathy for all these happenings, but they escape from jail. Ri goes to coma but when Jimmy, her boyfriend comes and puts engagement ring in her finger, she wakes up. Karan goes to search Kriti and he gets trapped in an accident but he still goes to Kriti's home and gets to know that Kriti is Kathy, who works with him and the girl whom he loves. Initially, he gets angry that she used him but then finally he comes to know the truth and Kriti gets back her father's hotel back from Vijay Mehra. Karan n Kriti, Singh n Parminder and Ri n Jimmy get married in the end and Vijay Mehra apologises for what he did.


Simply Sapney Simply Sapney Bash Simply Sapney on Zee Next serial bash at

  • Gautam Rode as Karan Mehra
  • Vaibhavi Upadhyay as Kathy Sharma (Kriti Malhotra)
  • Ekta Saraiya as Parminder
  • Nishant Shokeen as Abhishekh
  • Shruti Vyas as Ridhimma
  • Vedita Pratap Singh as Gajra Vyas
  • Vallabh Vyas as Pandit Ge
  • Rakesh Bapat as Karan (when few episodes were left)
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Vijay Mehra
  • Kranti Redkar as Anaida
  • Shradha Kaul as Mandey
  • Amit Singh Thakur as Ketan Malhotra
  • Abbas Khan as Happy Singh

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