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Sigmund of Pernstein

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Noble family  Pernstein
Died  1473
Name  Sigmund Pernstein

Mother  Barbara of Waldstein
Father  John II of Pernstein
Parents  John II of Pernstein
Spouse(s)  Elizabeth Elizabeth of Boskowitz

Sigmund of Pernstein (Czech: Zikmund z Pernštejna; c. 1437 – 1473 or later) was a Moravian nobleman. He was a supporter of the Bohemian King George of Poděbrady and was taken prisoner by the anti-king Matthias Corvinus.



Sigmund was a member of the Moravian noble Perstein family. His parents were John II of Pernstein and his first wife Barbara of Waldstein (Barbora z Valdštejna).

Like his father and his younger brother William, Sigmund supported the Bohemian King George of Poděbrady. Around the middle 1460s, his father transferred Zubštejn Castle and the associated Lordship to him. In 1467, he was taken prisoner by the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus, who wanted to gain the crown of Bohemia. He and John of Koschumberg were taken to Brno and held there. It is not known when he was released. However, his daughter Dorothea was born in 1470, suggesting that he was released no later than 1469.

In early 1470, he was again taken prisoner. This time, he was held by Zdeněk Konopišťský of Sternberg, the leader of the Zelená Hora Alliance at his residende in Polná. Sigmunds father and his brother William tried to achieve Sigmund's release. They failed, however, even after George of Poděbrady died in 1471. They supporte the newly elected king Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary, who granted them certain rights over the monastery at Oslavany and the Porta coeli Convent at Tišnov in 1471 and 1472. They provided money for Sigmund's release. Matthias Corvinus, however, demanded that Sigmund change over to his side in the conflict, and probably also that Sigmund convert to Catholicism. Corvinus's advisor, the later bishop John Filipec, was committed to negotiating Sigmund's release. On 14 November 1472 in Sopron, William signed an agreement, under which Sigmund should be released not later than 2 February 1473.

Sigmund's health was probably undermined by his captivity and he did not enjoy his regained freedom for long. He died in 1473 or later. His widow Elizabeth of Boskowitz received Zubštejn Castle as her widow seat. She continued to live there with her young daughters. In 1473, she remarried with Linhard of Guttenstein (Linhart z Gutštejna) and Zubštejn fell back to her first father-in-law John II of Pernstein.

Mariagge and issue

Sigmund married twice. His first wife was named Elizabeth (Eliška); nothing is known about her background. With her, he had a daughter:

  • Bohunka (died after 1478)
  • Sigmund married his second wife in 1437. She was Elizabeth of Boskowitz (Eliška z Boskovic). With her, he had three more daughters:

  • Kunka (c. 1464 – after 1481), married in January 1480 with John Boček Dürrteufel (Suchý Čert), a son of John III Dürrteufel of Kunštát
  • Dorothea Dorota (c. 1470 – before 1488), married before 1488 with Ctibor of Landstein (Ctibor z Landštejna)
  • Margaret Machna (c. 1472 – between 1515 and 1520), married in 1488 with Peter the Elder of Žerotín at Šumperk (Petr starší ze Žerotína na Šumperku, d. 1530)
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