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Sighted guide

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Sighted guide

A sighted guide is a person who guides a person with blindness or vision impairment.


Paralympic Games

At the Paralympic Games there are various classifications of athletes with a visual impairment.

Rules are according to the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

The sighted guides are such a close and essential part of the competition, that the athlete with a visual impairment and the guide are considered a team, and both athletes are medal candidates.


At the Winter Paralympics there are three classifications of athletes with a visual impairment:

  • B1 (no useful vision)
  • B2 (minimal useful vision)
  • B3 (some useful vision).
  • A sighted guide is required for B1 and B2, and optional for B3.

    Nordic skiing:
    The guide can lead, follow, or ski next to the athlete with a visual impairment. The guide assists with voice instruction only. No physical contact allowed.

    Alpine skiing:
    The start must have an adequate space for the guide.

  • Combined
  • Downhill
  • Giant slalom
  • Slalom
  • Super-G
  • Summer

    In athletics the sighted guides can win a medal.

    Cycling: Pilot
    Football 5-a-side:


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