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Shuizhu Sichuan Boiled Beef Shuizhu Niurou The Woks of Life
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Shuizhu beef

Shuizhuroupian (Chinese: 水煮肉片; pinyin: shǔizhǔròupiàn) is a Chinese dish which originated from the cuisine of Sichuan province and the name literally means "water-cooked meat slices". The preparation of this dish usually involves some sort of meat (usually it is beef), chili pepper, and a large amount of vegetable oil.

Shuizhu Sichuan Boiled Beef Shuizhu Niurou The Woks of Life

The meat is prepared with water, starch, and a slight amount of salt. Boiled vegetables are placed at the bottom of the serving bowl or dish. The prepared raw meat is poached in water that is heated to boiling point for 20–30 seconds, just enough to remove rawness yet preserving the meat's tenderness. Then it is drained and put in the serving dish with vegetables. Minced dried chili, sichuan pepper, minced garlic, and other seasoning are spread over the meat. Vegetable oil is heated in a pan nearly to smoking point, then poured over the prepared meat and vegetable.

Shuizhu Shui Zhu Pork Szechuan Pork in Spicy Broth China Sichuan Food

This dish maintains tenderness of the meat by poaching it instead of stir frying. It offers a good combination of tender meat, freshness of vegetable, hot spicy flavor of chili pepper, and numbing sensation of Sichuan pepper.

Shuizhu Sichuan Boiled Beef Shuizhu Niurou The Woks of Life
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