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Shuckey Duckey

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Name  Shuckey Duckey

Opie Anthony Hamburger and Shuckey Duckey

Shucky Ducky is the stage name of comedian Cecil Armstrong (born 1956), a native of Dallas, Texas. He has appeared on "Def Comedy Jam". He has also been the ringmaster of the UniverSoul Circus. He is known for the catchphrase "Shucky Ducky Quack Quack."


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He describes his catchphrase as meaning disappointment or excitement. As he explained it at an Elan Productions event,

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Now let me tell y'all what "shucky ducky" is. "Shucky ducky" is this phrase that I created means disappointment or excitement. For example, instead of cursing when you stomp your toe, you say "shucky ducky". Now if you see a fine girl or a guy you like, you say "awwwwww, shuck-ay duck-ay!" Now if you get the girl pregnant, you say "Damn!", 'cause you done shuck your ducky too long.

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Opie & Anthony - Hamburger and Shuckey Duckey + Vos on Def Comedy Jam

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  • 2012 Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain used the phrase during the announcement of his candidacy in May 2011.
  • He was parodied on Saturday Night Live by Bobby Moynihan as "Slappy Pappy," with the catchphrase "Slappy Pappy Wink Wink!"
  • Fellow Texan, and former commentator of WWE SmackDown, Booker T has been known to use Armstrong's catchphrase to pick his moment or match of the night.

  • Shuckey Duckey Comedian Shuckey Duckey is the ringmaster for the UniverSoul Circus

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