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Shovelnose frog

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Hemisotidae Cope, 1867
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Frog
Suborder  Neobatrachia
Scientific name  Hemisus
Rank  Genus
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Lower classifications  Marbled snout‑burrower, Spotted snout‑burrower, Guinea snout‑burrower, Perret's snout‑burrower, Olive snout‑burrower

Shovelnose frog meaning

The shovelnose frogs are the species of frogs in the genus, Hemisus, the only genus in the family Hemisotidae. They are found in tropical and subtropical sub-Saharan Africa. The shovelnose frogs are moderate-sized frogs, reaching a length of 8 cm (3.1 in). They are round-bodied, with short legs. Their heads are small and narrow, with hard, upturned noses.


Shovelnose frog Shovelnose Frog on white background Marbled Snoutburrower

The shovelnose frogs are burrowing frogs, living most of their lives underground. The female digs underground while in amplexus, and lays her eggs in an underground cavity. The male leaves through the tunnel, and the female remains with the eggs. Once sufficient rain has fallen, the female burrows with her nose towards a water source, where the tadpoles will remain until metamorphosis. The tadpoles may remain out of water up to a few days.

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Unlike most burrowing frogs, the shovelnose frogs burrow head-first, as opposed to rear-first, hence their other common names - snout-burrowers. Some species are kept as pets.

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  • Genus Hemisus
  • H. barotseensis - Mongu shovelnose frog (Channing & Broadley, 2002)
  • H. brachydactylus - Masiliwa snout-burrower or Masiliwa shovelnose frog (Laurent, 1963)
  • H. guineensis - Guinea snout-burrower or Guinea shovelnose frog (Cope, 1865)
  • H. guttatus - spotted snout-burrower or spotted shovelnose frog (Rapp, 1842)
  • H. marmoratus - marbled snout-burrower, mottled shovelnose frog, or marbled shovelnose frog (Steindachner, 1863)
  • H. microscaphus - Ethiopian snout-burrower, Lake Zwai snout-burrower or Lake Zwai shovelnose frog (Laurent, 1972)
  • H. olivaceus - olive snout-burrower or olive shovelnose frog (Laurent, 1963)
  • H. perreti - Perret's shovelnose frog (Laurent, 1972)
  • H. wittei - De Witte's snout-burrower or Witte's shovelnose frog (Laurent, 1963)

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