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Shonali Bhowmik

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Genres  Rock
Role  Musician
Name  Shonali Bhowmik
Instruments  Vocals, guitar

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Occupation(s)  Musician, host, writer, producer, lawyer
Associated acts  Ultrababyfat, Tigers and Monkeys, Marcellus Hall

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Shonali Bhowmik (born 20th century) is an American musician, actress, screenwriter, and producer. She also was one of the hosts of the Upright Citizens Brigade show Variety SHAC. She has performed in the bands Tigers and Monkeys and Ultrababyfat.


Shonali Bhowmik Stealth Lawyer Shonali Bhowmik Indie Rock Musician

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Early life

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Bhowmik grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a sister named Ruchi Bhowmik, and her two parents are named Dilip Bhowmik and Shuba Bhowmik. She attended law school in Atlanta, Georgia.


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She began Ultrababyfat with her best friend, Michelle Dubois, as they had been playing music since they were children. David Cross discovered Ultrababyfat in Atlanta. Bhowmik then toured with Cross while filming his Let America Laugh DVD.

Tigers and Monkeys

Dmitri Martin helped Bhowmik come up with the name for the band by asking her what her two favorite animals were. Bhowmik did not want to use her name to promote the show for a band consisting of three people from Florida.

Variety SHAC

Bhowmik hosted Variety SHAC throughout its entirety and was the "S" for the acronym SHAC. Shonali toured with Cross where she got her connection to the Upright Citizens Brigade where Variety SHAC held its shows for many years. Variety SHAC was given money to create a television pilot by IFC. Bhowmik also co-starred in the Variety SHAC videos which were completed annually. The members of Variety SHAC have been considered as some of the funniest women in comedy at the time of their show.


  • Eight Balls in Reverse (2001)
  • Tigers and Monkeys

  • Loose Mouth (2007)
  • The Animals Will Forgive Us Again (2014)
  • Solo releases

  • 100 Oaks Revival (2011)
  • Filmography

  • Sardines Out of a Can (2013)
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