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Shingen Yashida

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Publisher  Marvel Comics
Team affiliations  Yashida Clan The Hand
Movie  The Wolverine
Affiliation  The Hand
Alter ego  Shingen Yashida
Played by  Hiroyuki Sanada
Fictional universe  Marvel Universe
Shingen Yashida Lord Shingen Shingen Harada Wolverine foe
Created by  Chris Claremont Frank Miller
Notable aliases  Shingen Harada, Shingen Yoshida
Abilities  Highly intelligent Peak human physical condition Master swordsman and Martial artist
First appearance  Wolverine (1st series) #1 (September, 1982)
Creators  Frank Miller, Chris Claremont
Similar  Mariko Yashida, Yukio, Silver Samurai, Viper, Noburo Mori

Shingen Yashida (矢志田 信玄, Yashida Shingen), usually called Lord Shingen, is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as a foe of Wolverine.


Publication history

The character was created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller and first appeared in Wolverine (1st series) #1 (September, 1982).

Fictional character biography

Shingen was a Japanese Yakuza crime boss who disgraced his family name, when he claimed he had a legitimate claim to the Imperial Throne of Japan, by turning his clan into a criminal empire. He was the father of Wolverine's fiancee, Mariko Yashida. He had an illegitimate son named Keniuchio Harada who was a mutant and came to be known as the Silver Samurai.

To settle a personal debt incurred during his rise to power, Shingen Harada forced Mariko Yashida to marry another criminal boss, Noboru Hideki, who beat her nearly to death. When Wolverine found out about this, he confronted Noboru, but relented from killing him upon Mariko's insistence. Before Wolverine could leave, however, Shingen had him poisoned, temporarily greatly weakening him so that he could beat and humiliate the superhuman mutant in a duel with bokken in front of Mariko.

Shingen used his expert knowledge of human anatomy to secretly attack Wolverine's nerve endings in such a way so as to make the duel life-threatening. However, as Mariko did not know this when Wolverine attempted to use his claws against Shingen to save his own life, it appeared to Mariko that Wolverine was cheating in the duel. Mariko did not know that Wolverine's body had been saturated with enough lethal poison to kill several dozen ordinary men, or that Shingen was the one who was actually cheating in the duel. This had the effect of disgracing Wolverine in front of his lover, which was the design of Shingen.

Logan was then dumped onto the Tokyo streets and found by Yukio, Shingen's best assassin who participated in a deception with the Hand ninja clan, to manipulate Wolverine into an assassination of a rival crime lord, using Mariko as unwitting bait for additional motivation. After his role was completed, Shingen ordered Logan killed, but Yukio ignored the order, which led to the Hand being sent to enforce his will. In the events resulting from that action, including the death of a personal friend by Yukio, Wolverine realized that she was the one who poisoned him at Shingen's residence and he was being played for a fool at apparently Shingen's orders.

After a philosophic epiphany about his humanity, Logan then completely destroyed the Yashida criminal empire. When Wolverine confronted Shingen a second time, Shingen did not survive, and Mariko revealed she was planning to kill her dishonorable father herself and commit seppuku in recompense had not Logan preempted her. Afterwards, Mariko Yashida and Wolverine decided to marry, with the X-Men receiving an invitation from the Emperor of Japan for the event. However, they did not marry; Mariko was at that time being controlled by the villain Mastermind, who was conducting a revenge campaign on the X-Men. She succeeded her father in command of the clan.

Shingen was later resurrected by Phaedra, an agent of the Hand as part of her campaign of revenge against Wolverine, Phaedra having 'stolen' a piece of Wolverine's soul during his brief period under the Hand's control and turned it into a warrior under her command. Although Wolverine killed Phaedra and reclaimed his soul, Shingen apparently survived, although he has not been seen since.

Powers and abilities

Shingen Yashida had no superhuman abilities but was in peak physical condition despite his age and was one of the finest swordsmen and martial artists in all of Japan. Highly intelligent, Shingen had extensive knowledge of human anatomy, pressure points, and also great knowledge of poisons and assassination techniques. He was highly skilled in the management of criminal organizations and very well connected in the international criminal underworld, particularly in areas of drug traffic.

Other versions

In the comic series Exiles, a younger version of Shingen Yashida exists in the home reality of Mariko Yashida aka Sunfire.


  • Shingen Yashida appears as the main antagonist in Marvel Anime: Wolverine voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata in the Japanese version and by Fred Tatasciore in the English dub. In the series, Shingen is leader of the Kuzuryū syndicate. In the final battle, Shingen takes on Wolverine while wearing a special armor. Despite wounding Yukio, Shingen is killed by Wolverine and Yukio.
  • Film

  • Shingen Yashida appears in the 2013 film The Wolverine, which he is portrayed by Hiroyuki Sanada as one of the film's antagonists. He is shown to be the son of Ichirō Yashida, of whom he has grown hateful after Ichirō had conscribed his corporation empire to his daughter Mariko, despite Shingen's efforts to cover up its near-bankruptcy. When Mariko is kidnapped and brought to Shingen, he revealed that he ordered his father's assassination in order to become the CEO of the Yashida Corporation. He is later poisoned by Dr. Green after he tries to kill Mariko for taking his place and having his father's admiration. Despite his family's adoption of Yukio, Shingen often treats her with contempt due to her mutant gift, confirmed by Mariko's corrupt fiancé Noburo. Later, Shingen attacks Yukio wearing samurai armor, leading to Wolverine intervening and killing him in a vicious duel.
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