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Shigehiko Hasumi

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Occupation  Film critic
Parents  Shigeyasu Hasumi
Period  1974-present
Education  University of Tokyo

Name  Shigehiko Hasumi
Children  Shigeomi Hasumi
Role  Film critic
Ex-spouse  Chantal Van Melkebeke
Shigehiko Hasumi wearing eyeglasses, a suit, and a tie.

Born  April 29, 1936 (age 87) , Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan (1936-04-29)
Language  Japanese, French, English
Similar People  Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Nagaharu Yodogawa, Shinji Aoyama, Kojin Karatani, Yoshishige Yoshida


Shigehiko Hasumi (also styled Shiguehiko or Shiguéhiko) (蓮實 重彦, Hasumi Shigehiko) (born 29 April 1936 in Roppongi, Tokyo) is a film critic and an academic researcher on French literature from Japan. He was president of the University of Tokyo from 1997 to 2001.


Shigehiko Hasumi wearing eyeglasses, a red scarf, a brown coat, and holding a brown bag with a man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a black coat.

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Life and work

Hasumi's father Shigeyasu was a professor at Kyoto University. His wife Chantal Van Melkebeke is a teacher from Belgium.

Hasumi was influential in introducing French post-structuralist theory to Japan, and was himself influenced by such French thinkers as Gilles Deleuze. He has written on the film directors Yasujirō Ozu, Sadao Yamanaka, John Ford, Howard Hawks, and Jean Renoir. He promoted such new directors as Takeshi Kitano. Several of his students, including Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Shinji Aoyama, Kunitoshi Manda, Masayuki Suo, and Makoto Shinozaki, have gone on to become filmmakers.

His personal name has been spelt variously as Shigehiko, the standard Hepburn romanization, Shiguehiko and Shiguéhiko on his publications. For example, his biography of Yasujirō Ozu features the name Shiguéhiko on both the original Japanese and the French translation, whereas many translations of his books feature the form Shigehiko.


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