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Shia Islam in Algeria

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Shia Islam in Algeria

Shia Islam in Algeria is composed of tiny minority of Shia Muslim community of Algeria.


History and culture

Traditionally, there have been very few Shias in Algeria, except for those who were around in the Middle Ages, although there are a few native Shias and some converts. Western Algeria was part of Shia Idrisid state when Idris II died in 828 CE. The Fatimid state originated among the Kutama people of Algeria. The dynasty was founded in 909 CE by Abdullah al-Mahdi Billah, who in the late 9th century started a movement among the Kutama Berbers and managed to convert them to Shia Islam. In the Middle Ages local Berber dynasties adopted Shia Islam. Recently, the region has reportedly seen an increasing popular interest in Shi'ism.

The following Shia Muslim observances are commemorated in Algeria:

  • Arba'een of Imam Hussain
  • Mawlid an Nabi, the birth of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Birth of Imam Mahdi
  • Eid al-Ghadeer, commemorates the appointment of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib by Prophet Muhammad as his immediate successor
  • Population estimates

    The Shia population of Algeria is estimated to be between one half to two percent of the total Muslim population of Algeria. According to Pew Forum, it is less than one percent while as per Imam Husayn (as) Encyclopedia the population of Shia in Algeria is around two percent of the total Muslim population of Algeria.


    In December, 2006 Algeria's Ministry of Education arrested eleven Shi'ite teachers for allegedly attempting to convert students to Shia Islam.


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