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Sheshunoff Consulting Solutions

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Founded  1972
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Subsidiaries  Bennington Partners, LLC, Alex eBanking Solutions, Inc., Brintech, Inc

Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions (SCS) provides consulting and advisory services to the financial services industry. Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, SCS consultants work with clients to assess an institution’s performance objectives, challenges, and opportunities and develop specific, practical solutions to assist in achieving these goals. SCS focuses on management consulting, risk management, technology solutions, and investment banking. Its Affiliation programs are venues for sharing information and networking with colleagues. SCS also offers technology solutions.


SCS Products and Services

SCS provides consulting services in:

  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Performance Improvement
  • Technology and Operations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Investment Banking.
  • Risk Management services include:

  • Internal Audit-Co-Source and Full Outsource
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Audit
  • BSA/AML Consulting and Audit
  • Information Technology Audit
  • Compliance, IT, and GLBA Risk Assessment
  • Loan Review
  • Management Consulting services include:

  • Fee Income Enhancement
  • Operating Expense Reduction
  • Margin Improvement
  • Business Process Analysis for Improvement
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Change Management
  • Technology Management services include:

  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • Technology Acquisition and Implementation
  • IT Risk Management and Compliance
  • Managed Security Services
  • Affiliation Programs include:

  • CEO Affiliation Program
  • Senior Lending Officer Affiliation Program
  • Technology and Operations Officer Affiliation Program
  • Webinar Program
  • Technology Solutions include:

  • Deposit Score
  • Pricing Partner
  • InstantAdvance
  • Business Analytics
  • Investment Banking Services include:

  • Buyside Representation
  • Sellside Representation
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Valuation Service
  • Sheshunoff Timeline

    1971 - Gabrielle and Alex Sheshunoff start Sheshunoff Information Services (SIS)
    1988 - Sheshunoff’s sell SIS professional publishing to International Thomson, a Toronto-based company and retain their consulting and investment banking businesses.
    1995 - SIS acquires A.S. Pratt & Sons
    1997 - SIS acquires 38 publications from Warren, Gorham & Lamont, a Thomson imprint
    2003 - Sheshunoff Management Services acquires Biltmore Management, Dallas, Texas
    2004 - Gabrielle Sheshunoff joins with Austin Ventures repurchases SIS from Thomson, while continuing to run Alex Sheshunoff Management.
    2005 - Gabrielle Sheshunoff and Austin Ventures sells SIS to Thompson Publishing Group, a Washington, D.C. based professional publisher.
    2005 - Sheshunoff Management Services (SMS) acquires Harcourt Group Ltd, a Boston-based provider of risk management services
    2006 - SMS acquires Servique, LLC, a Houston-based risk and compliance management services firm
    2008 - SMS acquires Bennington Partners, LLC
    2010 - SMS acquires Brintech, a bank management consulting firm with offices in Austin and Atlanta.

    History of Sheshunoff Consulting + Solutions

    During the 1970s, SCS was known as Sheshunoff Information Services and was a data business, consisting of State Books of ratios, rankings and bank data reports. Up until 1988, Sheshunoff continued to develop new data reports, surveys and analysis, which were built into books. Sheshunoff added to its data business, offering one-day seminars for bankers, focused on understanding the bank data. Feedback from these seminars indicated that bankers wanted to meet in smaller groups with more time to interact with one another versus large groups that were mostly centered on presentations to the group. The Sheshunoff Affiliation program was created to respond to this feedback. The program for CEOs was first offered in 1982; for Senior Lenders in 1988; and for Technology and Operations in 1994.

    Many of the bankers participating in the Affiliation Program were looking for advice and on-site assistance which was responded to by providing consulting services as well. This marked the beginning of the management consulting line of business.

    In the late 80s, the investment banking group got its start and at the same time and well into the 90s the management consulting group grew to offer an expanded list of services: earnings improvement, organizational profitability, marketing, technology, and change management.

    In the mid-90s, SCS became more focused on technology services and products and risk management services. By 2001, SCS had developed a proprietary overdraft tool which today is known as Deposit Score.

    Starting in 2003, SCS bought existing companies: Biltmore Management, Dallas; Harcourt Group Ltd, Boston; Servique, Houston; Bennington Partners, Connecticut; and Brintech, Austin and Atlanta. Additional small businesses and their principals joined SCS from Florida and Houston.


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