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Shepard Menken

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Shepard Menken

Voice actor

Columbia University

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November 2, 1921 (
New York City, New York, U.S.

Radio, Film, television and voice actor

The Alvin Show (1960–90)

January 2, 1999, Woodland Hills, California, United States

Movies and TV shows
The Alvin Show, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Benny Goodman Story, Captain John Smith and Poca, The Lone Ranger

Similar People
Valentine Davies, Abe Levitow, Stan Lee, Lew Landers, Chuck Jones

Shepard Menken (November 2, 1921 – January 2, 1999) was an American film, television, voice, radio and character actor.


Early life

Menken began his career at the age of 11, when he started appearing on children's radio programs. After high school, Menken attended Columbia University, and later studied performing arts at the Neighborhood Playhouse Theatre and the Juilliard School of Music.


Menken made his film debut in 1949 with a supporting role in The Red Menace, and eventually appeared onscreen in 17 movies. Menken worked steadily as a television actor, appearing on such series as I Love Lucy, I Spy, and The Wild Wild West. He was also in demand as a voice talent, working on animated cartoons for Hanna-Barbera, UPA, and Marvel Productions, as well as advertising spots for StarKist Tuna and Mattel Toys; his was the voice intoning, "The only way to fly!" in Western Airlines' spots in the 1960s. Menken voiced the Clyde Crashcup character in The Alvin Show, as well as the character Tonto in the 1966-69 animated series The Lone Ranger. He also voiced the Spelling Bee and Chroma the Great in the 1970 live-action/animated film The Phantom Tollbooth, and provided the voice for the title character in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. In 1963, Menken formed his own company, Malibu Films, which specialized in educational and industrial films.


Shepard Menken died in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Woodland Hills two months after his 77th birthday.


Garfield and Friends (TV Series)
- Mystic Manor/U.S. Acres: Flop Goes the Weasel/The Legend of Long Jon (1989) - (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- China Cat/U.S. Acres: Cock-A-Doodle Dandy/Beach Blanket Bonzo (1989) - (voice, as Shep Menkin)
Two Daddies? (TV Movie) as
Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menken)
This Is America, Charlie Brown (TV Series)
- The Birth of the Constitution (1988) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
Alvin & the Chipmunks (TV Series short)
- Baseball Heroes/May the Best Chipmunk Win (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- A Dog's Best Friend Is His Chipmunk/The Curse of Lontiki (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- Swiss Family Chipmunks/Santa Harry (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- The Bully Ballet/Alvin- and the Chipmunk (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- Angelic Alvin/The Trouble with Nanny (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- Urban Chipmunk/The Incredible Shrinking Dave (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- The Chip-Punks/From Here to Fraternity (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- Unidentified Flying Chipmunks/Mother's Day (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- Mr. Fabulous/Grandpa and Grandma Seville (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- The Chipmunks Story (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- The Television Stars/The Cruise (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- Uncle Harry/Rock 'n' Robot (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
- The C-Team/The Chipettes (1983) - (voice, as Shep Menken)
Saturday Supercade (TV Series) as
Additional Voices
- Hop-Along Frogger/Get Along Little Apey/Dog Day Dilemma/Double or Nothing (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Here Today, Pawned Tomorrow/Private Donkey Kong/Teddy Bear Scare/The Pyramid Panic (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- I Remember Mummy/How Much Is That Gorilla in the Window?/Thanksgiving for the Memories/Gorilla Ghost (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Fake Me Out to the Ball Game/Apey and the Snowbeast/A Christmas Story/The Sabretooth Goof (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Good Knight, Frogger/The Great Ape Escape/Crazy Camp Creature/Amazing Rollerskate Race (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- The Blackboard Bungle/The Circus Daze/Junior Meets Kid Dynamo/Masked Menace Mess (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- The Legs Croaker Story/Little Orphan Apey/Q-bowl Rigamarole/The Jungle Boy Ploy (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Gorilla My Dreams/The Great Seal Steal/The Headline Hunters/Tibetan Treasure Trouble (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- The Great Scuba Scoop/Movie Mania/The Great Q-Tee Contest/The Ventriloquist Caper (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Hydrofoil and Seek/The Incredible Shrinking Ape/Magnificent 7-Year-Olds/Raiders of the Lost Shark (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- The Who-Took-Toadwalker Story/Banana Bikers/Disc Derby Fiasco/Rocky Mountain Monkey Business (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Gorilla Gangster/Sheep Rustle Hustle/Spaced Out Frogs/Amazon Jungle Bungle (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
- The Ms. Fortune Story/Mississippi Madness/Trucknapper Caper/Pitfall's Panda Puzzle (1983) - Additional Voices (voice)
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (TV Series) as
Doctor Doom
- Mission: Save the Guardstar (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The X-Men Adventure (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Origin of the Spider-Friends (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Attack of the Arachnoid (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Education of a Superhero (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Bride of Dracula! (1983) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Along Came Spidey (1982) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- A Fire-Star Is Born (1982) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Origin of Iceman (1982) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Pawns of the Kingpin (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Knights & Demons (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Vengeance of Loki (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Spidey Goes Hollywood (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Prison Plot (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin, credit only)
- Video-Man (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin, credit only)
- 7 Little Superheroes (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Swarm (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- Sunfire (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin, credit only)
- The Fantastic Mr. Frump (1981) - Doctor Doom (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Crime of All Centuries (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
- The Triumph of the Green Goblin (1981) - (voice, as Shepard Menkin)
Mister T (TV Series)(voice, as Shep Menken)
Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales as
Old Storyteller (voice, as Shep Menken)
Goldie Gold and Action Jack (TV Series) as
Additional Voices
- The Goddess of the Black Pearl (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- The Return of the Man Beast (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Pursuit Into Peril (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Menace of the Medallion (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Race Against Time (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Curse of the Snake People (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Island of Terror (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Night of the Walking Doom (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Prophet of Doom (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Revenge of the Ancient Astronaut (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Red Dust of Doom (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Pirate of the Airways (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
- Night of the Crystal Skull (1981) - Additional Voices (voice)
Thundarr the Barbarian (TV Series) as
Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menken)
Plastic Man (TV Series) as
Additional Voices
- Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy/Doctor Icicle/The Deep Sea Demon Caper/The Stone-Cold Dragon of Gold/City of Ice/The Glutunous Glop (1980) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man/The Diabolical Dr. Locust/The Case of the Vicious Voodoo Villain/The Evil Design of Vulture Man's Mind/Sale of the Century/Where There's a Will, There's a Creep (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Dr. Duplicator Strikes Again/The Malevolent Marble Man/The Mysterious Warnings of Doom/Royal Trouble With the King's Double/Thunderman/Evil Notions With Evila's Potions (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Terrible 5+1/Copycat/The Case of the Fearsome Phantom/A Goofy Bungle in the Filipino Jungle/Joggernaut/The Sinister Super Suit (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Kitty Katt Caper/The Video Villain/The Horrible Headless Horseman Caper/The Stone-Cold Dragon of Gold/The Colossal Crime of Commodore Peril/Krime Klown's Circus of Evil (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Ghostfinger/Dog Gone Days/The Count Draculon Caper/The Film Fiasco of Director Disastro/Highbrow/The Evil Evo-Ray (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Badladdin/Kragg the Conqueror/The Mad Mummy Mystery/The Defiant Casablanca Giant/Toyman/The Menacing Mindreader (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Maniacal Computerhead/The Fiendish Fishface/The Mysterious, Serious Circus Caper/The Ill-Will of Dr. Chill/The Hippotist/Catman (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Empire of Evil/Bye Bye Biplane/The Creepy Creature Caper/The Sinister Plan of Lizard Man/The Corruptible Carrotman/Beach Bum's Crime Wave (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Dangerous Dr. Dinosaur/The Perils of Paulette/The Super-Duper Race Cage/Who Do the Voodoo/The Spider Takes a Bride/The Dangerous Dr. Gadgets (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Diabolical Dr. Dome/The Rooster/The Alien Egg Caper/A Time-Machine Trip to the Pirate's Ship/Honey Bee/Rob Around the Clock (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Superstein/Bad News Snooze/The Rickety Robbery/Dr. Lupiter and the Thing From Jupiter/Dogmaster/Coach Crime's Big Play (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Minuscule Seven/Trouble Brews When Glue Man Glues/The Golden Crystal Caper/A Scary Affair in the Skullman's Lair/Moonraider/Shake Up With Ms. Make-Up (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Horrible Half-Ape/Goldteeth's Bad Bite/The Spaceship Caper/The Creepy Goon from the Spooky Lagoon/Hugefoot/Baby Man (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Wham-Bam! Beware of the Clam!/Anthead/The Mysterious Robot Critic Caper/There Is Nothing Worse Than A Stony Curse/The Day the Ocean Disappeared/Never Retire With Mr. & Mrs. Van Pire (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- The Weed (1979) - Additional Voices (voice, as Shep Menkin)
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (TV Short) as
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the Mongoose / Nag / Chuchundra (voice)
Twins (Short) as
The General (voice)
ABC Afterschool Specials (TV Series)
- Pssst! Hammerman's After You! (1974)
Mission: Impossible (TV Series) as
- Nerves (1971) - Doctor (as Shep Menken)
The Phantom Tollbooth as
Spelling Bee / Chroma The Great (voice, as Shep Menken)
The Big Valley (TV Series) as
Doc Willis / Marvin Sanders
- Hunter's Moon (1968) - Doc Willis
- Time After Midnight (1967) - Marvin Sanders (as Shep Menken)
The Lone Ranger (TV Series) as
- The Lash and the Arrow/The Spectre of Death/Mr. Happy (1968) - Tonto (voice)
- Black Arrow/The Rainmaker/Flight of the Hawk (1967) - Tonto
- The Trickster/Crack of Doom/The Human Dynamo (1966) - Tonto (voice)
Super President (TV Series)(voice)
I Spy (TV Series) as
Villa Royal
- Night Train to Madrid (1967) - Villa Royal
The Wild Wild West (TV Series) as
- The Night of the Vicious Valentine (1967) - Itnelav (as Shephard Menken)
The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo (TV Series) as
- Mr. Magoo's Captain Kidd (1965) - (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Mr. Magoo's The Count of Monte Cristo (1965) - Danglars (voice)
- Mr. Magoo's A Midsummer Night's Dream (1965) - (voice, as Shep Menkin)
- Mr. Magoo's Dick Tracy and the Mob (1965) - (voice, as Shep Menkin)
The Man from Button Willow as
Shanghai Kelly / Chinese Singer / Saloon Man#3 / ... (voice)
The Man from the Diners' Club as
Reservation Clerk (uncredited)
The Jetsons (TV Series) as
Mugsy Megatron / Ted Sprinkley / Nimbly
- Elroy's Mob (1963) - Mugsy Megatron / Ted Sprinkley (voice)
- TV or Not TV (1963) - Nimbly (voice)
- The Flying Suit (1962) - (voice)
The Alvin Show (TV Series) as
Clyde Crashcup / New Neighbor / Angry Egyptian Man / ...
- Eagle Music (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Disc Jockey (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Sir Alvin (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- The Whistler (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Alvin's Studio (1962) - Clyde Crashcup / New Neighbor (voice)
- Haunted House (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Theodore's Dog (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Eagle in Love (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Lovesick Dave (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Alvin's Cruise (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Hillbilly Son (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Little League (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Good Manners (1962) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Bentley Van Rolls (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Jungle Rhythm (1961) - Clyde Crashcup / Angry Egyptian Man (voice)
- Dude Ranch (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Overworked Alvin (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Camping Trip (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Sam Valiant: Real Estate (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Alvin's Alter-Ego (1961) - Clyde Crashcup / Crowd Member (voice)
- Fancy (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Good Neighbor (1961) - Clyde Crashcup / New Neighbor (voice)
- Ostrich (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Squares (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Sam Valiant, Private Nose (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
- Stanley the Eagle (1961) - Clyde Crashcup (voice)
Bells Are Ringing as
Narrator of Susanswerphone Ad (voice, uncredited)
Adventures in Paradise (TV Series) as
Gopal Singh
- The Siege of Troy (1960) - Gopal Singh (as Shep Menken)
Yellow Pages Skunk (Short) as
Announcer (uncredited)
South Seas Adventure as
Supplemental Narration (voice)
The Thin Man (TV Series) as
Gino Bryvette
- The Art of Murder (1958) - Gino Bryvette
The Brothers Karamazov as
Peter (uncredited)
Wire Service (TV Series) as
- Escape to Freedom (1957) - Bibi
Sally (TV Series)
- Episode #1.1 (1957)
The Gerald McBoing-Boing Show (TV Series)
- The Unenchanted Princess/Dusty of the Circus in the Five-Cent Nickel/Be Quiet, Kind and Gentle (1957) - (voice)
- Good Ole Country Music/Dusty of the Circus in The Bear Scare/Der Team from Zwischendorf (1956) - (voice)
I Love Lucy (TV Series) as
Charpontier / Artist / Eye Doctor / ...
- Paris at Last (1956) - Charpontier / Artist
- Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined (1953) - Eye Doctor
- Lucy Becomes a Sculptress (1953) - William Abbott (as Shep Menken)
- The Adagio (1951) - Jean Valjean Raymond (as Shep Menken)
The Benny Goodman Story as
Harry Goodman
Crusader (TV Series) as
- The Way Out (1955) - Olaf
So This Is Hollywood (TV Series) as
The Maharajah
- The Maharajah (1955) - The Maharajah
Lux Video Theatre (TV Series) as
Paul Cezanne / Sam Gorlopin / Rooney
- The Life of Emile Zola (1955) - Paul Cezanne (as Shep Menken)
- Double Indemnity (1954) - Sam Gorlopin
- Five Star Final (1954) - Rooney
The Flea Circus (Short) as
Pepito / Pianist Flea (uncredited)
Bengal Brigade as
King Richard and the Crusaders as
Muezzin (uncredited)
Your Favorite Story (TV Series)
- Conflict (1954)
Killers from Space as
Maj. Clift (as Shep Menken)
Captain John Smith and Pocahontas as
Remains to Be Seen as
Minor Role (uncredited)
My Hero (TV Series) as
Pepe Rodriguez
- Viva Beanblossom (1953) - Pepe Rodriguez
The Juggler as
Dr. Traube (uncredited)
Man in the Dark as
Interne (uncredited)
The Ford Television Theatre (TV Series) as
- Double Exposure (1953) - Bartender
Tangier Incident as
Dangerous Assignment (TV Series) as
- The Bhandara Story (1952) - Ahmed (as Shep Menken)
Terry and the Pirates (TV Series) as
Tony Morell
- The Maitland Affair (1952) - Tony Morell (as Shep Menken)
April in Paris as
Sidewalk Café Waiter (uncredited)
I Married Joan (TV Series) as
- Career (1952) - Frank (as Shep Menken)
The Merry Widow as
The World in His Arms as
Officer (uncredited)
The Cases of Eddie Drake (TV Series) as
Dr. P.H. Kazan / Prince Menchnikov
- The Man Who Was Nobody (1952) - Dr. P.H. Kazan
- Shoot the Works (1952) - Prince Menchnikov (as Shep Menken)
Harem Girl as
Maj. Blanchard
Invitation Playhouse: Mind Over Murder (TV Series)
- The Long Night (1952)
Gruen Guild Theater (TV Series)
- Ballerina (1951)
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV Series) as
Pierre / Lawyer
- Gracie Gives a Wedding (1951) - Pierre
- Johnny Velvet's Day in Court (1951) - Lawyer
David and Bathsheba as
Police Guard (uncredited)
The Great Caruso as
Daredevil Droopy (Short) as
Circus Man (voice, uncredited)
Fourteen Hours as
Reporter (uncredited)
Sword in the Desert as
Haganah Soldier (uncredited)
The Red Menace as
Henry Solomon
Forgive and Forget (Short)
Forgive and Forget (Short) (producer)
All Star Revue (TV Series) as
Self - man on subway train
- Host: Jack Carson; Guests: Betty Kean, The Honey Brothers, Hal March, Bob Sweeney, Jack Gilford, Jack Norton, Jane Dulo, Billy Sands, The Pastels, Dean Elliott & his Orchestra; cameo appearance by Jimmy Durante (1950) - Self - man on subway train
Archive Footage
Weinerville (TV Series) as
Clyde Crashcup
- DTV (1994) - Clyde Crashcup
Campbell Summer Soundstage (TV Series)
- Ballerina (1952)


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