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Shekar Basha

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Years active  2005–present
Role  VJ
Name  Shekar Basha
Height  5'9"

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Residence  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Occupation  Actor, director, television presenter, radio jockey

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Shekar Basha is an Indian radio jockey on BIG FM 92.7 and is a VJ with Gemini Music from Hyderabad. He is the only radio jockey in India to have won the IRF award (Indian Excellence in Radio Award) 10 times (2007-2017). The Latest being India radio forum's "RJ of the year 2017" India's most prestigious award for a Radio Jockey, announced in New Delhi on 19 May 2017. and as a VJ, he received Best VJ (Video Jockey) of the year 2016 from Padma mohana Awards held at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad on 23 August 2016.


Vj murali with shekar basha in sundhehum

Early phase (2005–2007)

Basha,started his career as a VJ in Gemini Music, an Indian Telugu music channel, on 10 April 2005. He hosted more than 3,000 live shows on the same channel, but he received acclaim for his role in Hi Bujji, a kids theme based TV show, and SundayHum-Sandeham, a live comedy show based on Guru-Sishya theme.


In 2006 Nov he joined Red FM 93.5 (then S FM). He hosted 2 shows: "Thellarindoy Mama" (Breakfast Show) and "Guroo Hoja Shuro]" (Afternoon Band). The later has won "The Best Program of the Year-2007" Award at IRF. He also introduced the word "kevvu keka" to the industry. It became so popular that both Films and TV programs were titled after it, and lyrics of film's songs(Pawan Kayan's Gabbar Singh,Allari Naresh's Movie titled Kevvu keka) & their dialogues contain this "kevvu keka" quite often after he started RJ-ing.

Success (2007–present)

In August 2007 Shekar shifted from Red FM to Big FM. There he took charge of the show "Big Sandadi" which was until then hosted by a very popular Telugu TV anchor and film actress Jhansi. On 27 May 2008 the same show was announced the Best Radio Show of the Year by IRF. He has the habit of saying "Happy Mornings" instead of "good morning" in the show which again caught on quickly with the listeners. As a result, in 2009 the program was renamed as "Happy Mornings". After the formation of the state of Telangana in 2015, the same show "Happy mornings" was renamed as "Sallaam Telangana" reflecting the pride of the state and that show is awarded as the "The best breakfast show (Telugu)2017". Apart from RJing & VJing he also produced award winning promos and sparklers which include the Famous radio humor capsules "Kotigadu & Raogaru", BigBaba, Sangeetham Mastar.

Awards and Records

As per the IRF statistics RJ Shekar has the record of winning the highest number of IRF awards in India with a total of 17 awards to his Credit.(2 Best promos,9 Best shows, 6 RJ of the year Awards) in 10 years i.e. 2007-2017.

His other Awards include..

i) Best VJ(Video Jockey)-2016 on 23 August 2016 at Ravindra Bharathi,Hyderabad for his show "F-club" in Gemini Music.

ii) Santhosham Cine Magazine's "Best RJ Award for the year 2014".

iii) "Young Communicator Award for 2010" from ISB,International School of Business Management.

He was trained at MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmadabad) in radio Jockeying.


As of August 2016 RJ Shekar has hosted 3 Marahon RJing feats.

1) 92.7 hrs non-stop RJing, the first stunt of its kind in Telugu radio in September 2007, which created huge buzz in the city and helped radio as a whole to grow in Hyderabad.

2) 100 hrs On-wheels, from 12 to 16 August 2008, live on-air from Mobile Studio in an attempt to achieve the feat of non-stop RJing, towards peace in the city and with a purpose to highlight the importance of all to stay together and support each other in these times of high alert where our society is being challenged constantly by people wanting to wreak havoc in our lives.

3)106 hrs on-wheels,from 7am 26 January 2016 to 5pm 30 January 2016,with a purpose to highlight the importance of Using Mobile Internet.

Movie debut

He made his second film as an actor in to movies with the Telugu Film named "Welcome Obama" directed by Veteran Director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. He is also directed a movie "Vethika.." which is due for release.He has also acted as a director in the movie Panchamukhi directed by challa bhanu kiran which was released in 2014.


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